Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Pro Tour

Today(Thursday) is one of the biggest days of the holiday. It the Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Championship. 16 players, 2 TV's, 1 Winner... I haven't practiced, but we all know that it Carlsberg made Pro Evo players they would all be named Jon, and have IQ's of 127(low don't you think?). I don't think I'll win I'm not that good any more but I hope to at least make it to the quarter finals. How tell ya how it goes :)
The Great coding project goes on, I've finished the sites front page, and done most of the other minor stuff, I now have to make the 14! product pages. In case your wondering "does Jon have a life?" the answer is currently no.
Strange as this may sound but I think I came up with this new idea for "people"/women who want Breast Implants, its quite cool, in a non-perv kinda way, and there is no actual implant!, and before you say this isn't my poor excuse to stare at tit's, I got a little more integrity than that. I'll do some research later today.
Finally my apologies for the semi-boring posts(today and yesterday especially), I completely understand why Keith didn't put out a podcast, hard to talk about stuff that's not happening or happened.

I need to get out of my house, I think I'm going stir crazy,

Quote of the day
Chemda "Nothings happened with us for the last 24 hours, so...., we're gonna play stuff that happened to other people"

Today's Keith and the Girl

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Faith said...

Well well well john

Sinking to new lows just to find excusses to look at tites


Also I now have DoD working upstairs so i will now have to find a time to give you a game at that