Sunday, June 05, 2005

Back in the Day: Part 2, Getting Shafted

Well I hope that you all enjoyed part 1:The Cornwall College years. Time for part 2...
My first school was Shaftsbury. It was a Co-ed 5-16 Private School it Purley(south London). Because of the age range, it was the only time I went to the same school as my brother. We were only there for about a year and a half. There were only about 250 or less students so it was never really packed. At the time I was 5.
It wasn't the stereotypical Private school, very multi-cultural and hardly any snobs. I was a very different person then, for one reason or another. I used to do Graffiti(only little bits, :), spoke like an idiot, bunked school etc. This was mainly cause I wanted to live up to the expectations of my peers, Funny though, as it was always an act, I was one the smartest kids in my year, and my brother could write computer programs in C, he made Pong and this bomber game on our old Amstrad.

Heres a summary of the big events during the couple years I was there:
-Throwing a brick into someone's head(Sorry)
-Winning the headmaster's special award
-Losing the award on the bus a couple hours later
-Bunking school
-My first favorite song, Snoop Dogg's Gin n Juice
-Sonic 3, Legendary
-Mr. Gowland's eyebows

So by now you might be wondering why didn't you stay there longer... Well Combination of factors really. 1. My brother had a accident involving a Glass light fitting, and a Football. Basically the staff neglected the fact the it wasn't safe to play football indoors as the lights weren't protected, I'll leave you to figure out the rest. 2. Mr. Gowland had a problem with controlling his urges, I'm not saying he's guilty but he was accused of the same sort of thing MJ is. I actually saw him do some of this stuff, mainly touching young ladies posteriori etc. Anyway my mum and several of the other parents put a case together against the school, and got it shut down, because she was taking legal action against the school me and my brother had to leave in order to not receive further preferential treatment. So that is why I have no real evidence that I ever really went to that school, sad but interesting. Well that was the years 1992 - 1994, ah how time flies.
Next week I think I'll Look at the school I went too after the "Shafted" experience, Its back 2skool tomorrow, yip pee, after 14 years of schooling, I got 7 more days of school... I feel old

Quote of the day
My Mum "Joshua's in hospital"
Me "Why? What happened?"
My mum "He played so much playstation that he got blisters on his fingers, he got an infection and got admitted"

The lesson of why "Jonny" shouldn't have too much fun, I hope all you pwner's read this one.

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Faith said...

Wow never thought you could get blisters from playing the playstation

John now why does that little bit about the teacher remind me of the video Orginal Prankster by Offspring