Sunday, June 26, 2005

Part V: The Geek Strikes back

So lets skip forward a couple years from last time, well actually more like three years. Never the less, I continue, Stanley Tech was my ummm, 5th school. You can see its location here.
It was my first school in the UK, for a while, so it was a bit of a change. Hearing plain English(if you call south London slang that?) Anyways I started midway though year 9, so I had to hit the ground running. Now if you remember last week, I said that the Jamaican educational system keeps its students about 2 years ahead of UK students, well I never really had to hit the ground. Remember "SATS" tests. I did them after being at the school for about a fortnight! Got 6 6 6(no anti-Christ jokes please!), with basically no work or revision. I basically wasted the rest of year 9 doing nothing but making friends, Good times. Well when your really good at something, that should never be a reason for you to stop. Cause I just got lazy, and soon that two years of "excess" knowledge was forgotten and I was a mere mortal again. Year 10 was great, sorta. The Cool reputation I had began to build up in year 9, got squashed when I got into a fight(I never actually did anything, hence the destruction of the reputation). So I had to hang with the Geek crowd. Here's a new word for ya all "Neek"(Geek + Nerd= Neek) you might have heard me use it once or twice. Anyways I started to hang around with my friend Gary, who to this day is proberly one of best friends, although I haven't spoken to him in a while. So were was I, Loser crowd, that was the people I was hanging with, and yes I was a "loser" too. Nah, we were all good people we just didn't want "roll", and sell weed in school.
I wouldn't call Stanley rough, it wasn't that bad, if your a "Neek" and just do dumb stuff your gonna get beaten up, but where is that any different? So me, Gary, Simon, Mark, Ian and Kevin just messed about, and studied and ate Gary out of house and home, Gotta love cookies.... It was interesting causeIi had two sets of friends really, especially towards the end(year 11) I had my cool, platted Black "mates"(there weren't really my friends but its nice to be in the inn crowd every now and then) and Gary and friends.
Now most of you know as a fairly funny guy(I go on what I'm told!) well back then I wasn't funny at all. I got beaten up when I told jokes, I still do, never tell me to tell a joke, its not pretty. Sarcasm is my boat, but when you try to take the piss out of physically bigger kids in local gangs, its just not funny, strange. Anyway I only really gave up trying to tell jokes when I left year 11, cause I had given up trying to be funny, it was obviously genetically limited to one sibling, my brother. Lets move away from my comedic development, cause I'm still no Bernie Mack.
Ever wonder why I failed my maths GCSE the first time round? Well we had this teacher called Mr. Ashraf. Legend. He always made this queer jokes and they were so funny, and its not his fault, but I just spent my top set maths lessons laughing, making crap out of paper, and arguing with Ian(not my geek friend) if you ever wanna see my GCSE maths book just ask, I think I used about 20 pages for the whole year, and a lot of those were just the date and heading.
Moving house, is always hard for the children right. Well when we moved from London to lovely Hemel, I had to still go to school in London. To put that in context for ya, look at this map. See hemel, see where croydon is. 100 miles return! Every day, Monday to Friday. I woke up at 5:30am! Every morning and got home around 8pm. I had no life, just, school and sleep. It got so bad that I had a mini nervous breakdown Christmas 2002, went psycho, tried to walk from St. Albans to Hemel at 7pm at night. Stressful. That's when I got my PDA, and it and God are the only things that kept me sane for the next 6 months. It still surprises me that I got any GCSE's. And no it wasn't p0rn on my PDA that kept me sane, it was news and trying to program an excel spreadsheet to work like Championship manager, I never did quite figure it out. I'm still recovering mentally now, my mum wanted me to go to Watford grammar I told her that if I had to take a bus or a train to go to school I might go one morning and not come back, so that's why I came to Astley, and I don't regret it(come back next week and see what I say :))
Damn, I just looked at what I've written, a bit too much lets wrap up
So my best moments, ok

  • Becoming a prefect

  • The days when I still walked to school

  • My stalling, before a fight, coward at work, I'm lover not a fighter(not that I'm good at either)

  • Get my first mobile, Nokia 3310 remember that anyone?

  • Getting cramp running for the train

  • Missing my stop and ending up at gatwick airport

  • Being allowed to come in late every day for a year

  • Being sorta independent, on a enclosed train

  • Teasing Gary about being gay(he's not but its funny to get on his nerves)

Next week "ACS: uncovered"

Quote of the Day
my mum "I need a little business or something to do"
me "like what?"
my mum "something that pays well and doesn't involve to much work"
me "Drug dealing, I hear that popular, and you can make good money, Tax free too"

Work suggestions for my mum


Faith said...

Whoooo johns life in more detail

Looks like youn had a bit of a hard time

Dont sujest that sort of things to your mum

And thinking about it im kinda worred about the ACS Years

Gunner_86 said...

i expect a paragraph to myself in the ACS bit lol