Thursday, June 16, 2005

The slow day

Its been a nice slow day. I was meant to fix a couple of computers, my I felt like crap, this morning(almost fainted) so that was one load off me. I've been at home all day long, so its been fairly quiet and entertainment has been fairly limited, to girl on girl kissing in Big brother, I don't really like that sort of stuff(honest), but they looked like they were gonna swallow each other, so I thought I'll see it through.
Next week I plan to start my long awaited Podcast. I plan to call it "Confessions of a Geek" or "COG". It will be about, just about anything, if you wanna star in it I don't mind having some folk around for the premier.
tomorrow(Friday) I shall be gracing the 6th form presence in a formal get-up. Shoes and all sorts, hopefully it will work out, I'm not good with semi-casual, if I'm honest so I'll give it a shot.
Finally after working on my new website, I have to start all over again, sorta. To make the page act the way I want it too, I have to go back and edit about 20+ pages, carefully move bits around, all to make the page be centred in the browser, when its maximized. :( What I do recognition. Take care till tomorrow.

Quote of the Day
"When it comes to money, I'm like a Cactus with water; You know its in there, but your gonna have a hard time getting it out"

My latest personal quote of choice

1 comment:

Faith said...

I wanna star in your popcast

I'm too lazy to leave my house though, so i will make a recording and then send it to ya when you decide what you are going to say