Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My room's alive with the sound of music

Remember how i said yesterday, that i think i might be doing too much, well i decided to add some more on my plate. Well sort of, I spent most of this afternoon/evening playing about with music productiion tools/programs, and i had a great time, most fun i've had in ages, eventhough Ejay crashed on me three times, in the middle of production. I made a couple of tracks, sorry no rapping here if you were getting excited. I discovered this great track on Sony's free ACID xpress 5.0 called "Time to Fly", which by itself looks like a great program, pitty i haven't got time to play around with the software more. As i stopped using P2P to get my music about 6 months ago(HA HA RIAA, no lawsuit here bitches), i think i might just make all the music i want from now on, strange, prehaps even weird but different.

Alass i degress, it was pretty the usual type of day, wonderful weather as is usual. It was good day, we laughed, we teased, we got bored, the way any school day should be. Tommorrow i'm staying home to revise for my fantasic Physics exam, which is on friday morning, yip pee. Pitty, cause i had plans, but hopefully they can wait for a little while...hopefully not to long... Anyway back to real life, the whole clan(minus senor philp), had a great little gaming session, which was good, as usual i totally pwn. The the "pwnage" note, guess whats at, the Pure Water Network, lol.

Lastly to complete my post, i want to confirm that anyone who dares to compare me to Derek from BB, will either be beaten up or insulted(hear that vicky/viki/Victora. This is the last and offical warning, plus i'm not camp, considering afterall i like girls, and good looking ones at that. So i hope that we got that situation cleared up now.

Offical RSS press release, from now on all ipods are to be know as "Chav-Pods", Someone with a "Chav-pod" is a "Chav-podder". Thank you for your cooperation.

Amy "Don't you like me hugging you"
Me "well I prefer grinding, but this will do"

Need i say anything?


Faith said...

John you are just wrong

I want to ask a sensible question here

Whats with all the links on words

Veritech said...

I search google and find websites that relate to my topics, for example, the "lawsuit" link takes you to a page i found, telling about how to avoid getting sued by the RIAA, lol. Some are there cause they explain stuff, and some are funny within the context of the post. I've always been to the sites first, so i would recommend that you check as many as you can be bothered to on each post.