Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'm so tired

Right, just felt really dizzy, not sure why. Anyway, they all suddenly realized that there are all backstabber in Big Brother, surprise surprise.
Hopefully Hannah, calmed down, I'm sure Amy(not who you think) is a lovely person, in person. I'm really knackered, so I'm sorry if you came over looking for some "quality" content, but its not here, lol. Oh Dan's obsessed with p0rn and likes Soapy *** W****,( I wanna keep the child friendly aspect of my site). Nothing like a little discrimination. I got my file server(geek stuff), and it rocks. COD should get even better now, 0 ping in my own server......
So about that little day dream, my exam went ok, (kinda good in a sorta ok way). I thought about going to Visarge or what ever the hell its called nowadays, but I can't be asked(my mum wouldn't yet me).
Finally we need some better crap on UK TV, MJ's free, Derek shops at the same place I do, I'm gonna burn all my clothes! Oh yeah, and I got lost in Grove hill, for about 10 minutes :) Cya later.

Quote of the Day
Hanna "If dave's not married by the time he's 25 he'll marry me, If miles isn't married by the time he's 25 he'll marry me, but if I'm not married by the time I'm 25 I'll marry Dave"

Does this Qualify as an Arranged marriage, or is it to complicated, Hanna's love life exposed.

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Faith said...

John how dare you put that sort of things on your site...It wa sad to piss off vicky

Evil evil person

It is easy to get lost in grovehill though