Saturday, May 28, 2005

Back in the day

I was messing around with google maps today, and found a very cool sight. Many of know i use to live in Jamaica, well this is it, the town of Montego Bay. To the left of Clouds in the middle of the map, is the Acutal Town of Montego Bay, Its got a population of about 80,000 and is about the same size as St. Albans, It's the country's second city, the capital is Kingston. Above the central section of clouds is Sangster International Airport, Well slightly to the Right of that, about here is where i grew up basically. Its called Coral Gardens, and is a middle class/Upperclass suburb of the town. If you want an idea of scale, the airport's runway is about a mile long. I lived there for about 7 years, and went to two schools, one of which, Cornwall College, was in downtown Montego Bay.
I used to travel the 7 miles "appoximately", twice a day to get there, wasn't bad though. Oh and not to show off or anything, but the school was like one of the best government school's in the country, i studied 6 days a week, for almost 5 months to scrape the grades to get in. The school had a Football stadium, not a pitch, with a concrete stand, and when i was there we had the best team in western jamaica, and were in the top ten in the country. Here's a picture of my old Headmaster, He was ok, seriously, it was no easy job trying to control 1500 teenage boys, with an all female secondary school literary across the road.
Well i'm gald i could share that with all you, i only just found school's site after 4 years, so i'm gonna go through the pictures and see if i can find any of my old mates, might take me awhile considering the number of photo's, and that i haven't seen them in years.
The other bit of Big news for the day, is that i've completed the Crazy frog video, i said was in production, its called Crazy vs nuke, and has been sent to practically everyone i know.
Well thats about it, for yet another day, i might do another post like this next weekend, and explore another part of my life; aren't you the lucky ones. Cya later

Quote of the Day
Me "Guess what i did"
Dan "What?"
Me "I sent out the frog email to like 30 people and didn't attach the video"
Dan "Muppet"

Daniel commenting on my genius


Faith said...

Johns not so secret background comes out

Dam you had a girls school across the road that must of been fun

Ah that quote is pure genuis though

Nik said...

hehe yeah, i recieved the email
thanks for clogging up my inbox with nothing jon.

Trudi said...

Yeh dammit Jon attach something next time! lol :)