Friday, May 27, 2005

Where in the world is Jon?

Here, ha ha ha{strokes cat and twirls in big chair}
Sorry there wasn't an entry for you folks who seem hooked on my sad life of crap, losers, ha ha ha ha{strokes cat again}.
Seriously thou, ha ha ha ha, lol. I kinda came home and collapsed on my bed and was out from about 10 till 6 this morning. The sleep was good but I had this freaky dream, where I was running away from something along with loads of other people from sixth form, strange but true.
I would like to say a big thanks to Patrice{hitherto referred as the Gossip Queen), for thanking me, for placing a link here at rss. I still can't figure out how she found out so soon after the post, but your welcome. As you actually thanked me(rare in this great world of ours) I'll add your site to my links section, :). I imagine most of you wonder what is he on about, I "know" Patrice from the Keith and the Girl podcast.
Anywho its Friday, whooo, that hacker is still a loser, but I still want to meet him, Gary's a geek just like me{well I'm a bigger geek of course, ha ha}, Part one of the "D" quest is complete, I've got details, ha ha ha ha. And this little guys life rolls on slowly, happily{kinda} but surely.

Me"I'm real sorry about this, I don't mean to be bitch or anything, but we got an exam in like an hour and we need to cram so could you move?"
Charmaine "Well.. We've got a lesson in here now, so..."
Me "Ah, so no need for me to be a bitch then, bye"
Me making a fool out of myself, typical

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