Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Evening one and all.
Nothing special to add tonight, just the usual:
  • The "D" quest goes on, i really need to sort it 2morrow

  • I made a ton of funny remarks(i wish)

  • I still hate that hacker kid

  • I might be going shopping, whooo

  • I'm still stupid, to a degree

  • Well on the upside, i would like every visitor to the blog to post a comment on this post as to what you think of me personally. If you don't know me, just make up sum bad stuff and call me what you will. Either way post to your hearts enjoyment. Good day to you all, cya later.

    Quote of the day
    "Where's my coat, any of you seen my coat... Oh yeah, i must of left it in the bin"
    Tasha's quest for her coat comes to an end.

    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    lol at your quote of the day.

    jon as ive already told you today, ur my favourite little black man