Sunday, May 22, 2005

How stupid am i?

Evening again people, this post is coming direct from my bed. Exciting isn't it.
Spirits, girls, shy-ness/ stupidity and feelings don't mix! I screwed up another slew of chances, for one reason or another. How hard is it really to ask someone to sit down. Oh well, yet another night of frustraition, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh.
I'm too tired to write any more, i'll finish the post tomorrow, cya

Quote of the day
"Ever been really close to something, but feel like your miles away?"


Faith said...

John you need to get out more

May i recomend that you join marks class for the unsussfull

Veritech said...

i write from the heart man, write from my damn heart!! What time are these classes

Veritech said...

Just thought i would post on my blog, that ha i'm not so stupid, i managed to make positive progress, ha ha ha