Saturday, May 14, 2005

The trip and the aftermath

This is my first Multi-positional post or "MPP",LOL

-->From the Official ACS low rider(aka school bus)<--

Good day really all, in all. Got a few pics click here to see them. Although I technically didn't sign the contract I rode on colossus, with my eyes closed the whole way. It wasn't that bad if l'm honest, but I still wouldn't do it again. Won a bear which I got plans for, in a straight legit sorta way.
Pretty Knacked in all, wrote this on the bus by the way.

-->In the supermarket<--

I hate shopping!! Have a look at what we brought, not bad for two people is it. But before you think, wow, how fat are you? That's 2 months of food!!, last time we shopped before today was April 25!!!, seven weeks ago!

-->Finally at home, in front of the blu-ray<--

Listening to 2pac as usual, somethings never change. Its been a real crazy day, here's a outline
7.00 am - woke up

7.40 am - left for school

8.30 am - Left school for Thorpe park

9.30 am - got to Thorpe park

4.00 pm - left Thorpe park

6.30 pm - went shopping

8.00 pm - finished shopping

10.00 pm - went to robs party

12.19 am - back @ home

My highlights of the day are:
  • Watching tasha hold are stomach contents in while on vertigo(she failed!)

  • watch Chris waste 5 quid trying to win a spongebob

  • Riding colossus, it wasn't that bad, especially when you close your eyes

  • Trying to discover why I'm a legend

  • walking home with Nicola, Thanks for the listening ear, LOL

  • Well I gotta go finish unpacking the shopping now, as goes my new routine below is the quote of the day

    "How many have you had? Double figures, right? Never mind me, tashas touching three figures!, yeah and I know two of them, heck four!"

    Chris & Michael

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