Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Good Life

My new 2 pac favourite. This post is coming to you "live" from my walk home well sort of i started writing but by the time i'd finished i was already home. Nice sunny day, if the weather's ok i might go out star gazing later. Didn't write my essay so my teacher might be pissed, but i should have the goods for her by monday. Me and the rest of the sixth form are going to thrope Park tomorrow, which is good, but bad in a way, complicated my life is. I think i might be getting addicted to bloggin, whoo legal addiction,lol. Cya

Today's Quote:
"I might be going somewhere tonight, but i'm not sure where, and i'm not sure if i'll actually go"

The walk
Me walking, i tend to walk everywhere.

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Faith said...

Youve got issues

Leave the blog alone and go out