Monday, May 16, 2005

Yet another Monday

Wazz up,always wanted do that, lol. Good day today, had a little general studies exam, which just focused on social issues, i got to use the word "intrinsic", which is always cool. Sorry if i sound like a geek but i just came up with a really good idea, which is fairly complicated but rocks if i get it to work! Incase your interested in what it is it would be called something like "distributed processed media encoding", to support my new project i'll be reopening my old rss site to be the projects HQ. Anywho enough geeky stuff.
As usual i have plans afoot for more close to home changes, these shall be revealled shortly, i hope. Thanks to all the people who are now visiting , sorry that you can't read at school thanks to my "P0rn party post", lol. The post's a bit on the crap side tonight, mainly cause i'm tired and sort of stranglely excited all at the same time, and it was a pretty average day. Plus anyone ever have the situation where your mates with both halves of a couple and know each feels about the other but can't tell them cause you don't want to interfere? Isn't life fun.
Oh and before i forget, ha ha ha, Man u fans, who got pwned now?

Quote of the day
"I'm gonna buy shares in Jenson Button," "Why? Do you think he's gonna win" "Nah, Cause he's cute"

Clare and me playing sportdaq


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HAHAHAHA you got spam on your other messages....... It wernt me before you start

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