Sunday, May 29, 2005

The smartest Guy in da whole wide world

Ok, first off, big, big apology to practically all my friends all got spammed by me. The sharing of my creative works gets me slightly excited, when I get excited I screw up. The two are unfortunately linked, so if you ever wonder why I'm so boring, the danger of making mistakes is what drives me, along with large amounts of caffeine, and sugar.
When I repaired my first computer, I only screwed the hard drive in two the case in two places instead of the 4. And cause I was like 11, and weak, I didn't do it tight. One transatlantic, flight later my data was screwed. I say that to say this. Clever people do dumb things. Hear that Mr. S. Dickinson?
Anyway, enough apologizing, I writing this post for the second time, not cause I screwed up fortunately. Instead the benadryl curse got me. I was writing, and then I fell asleep, when I woke up, what I had written made no sense, so I here I am again.
anyways from now next Sunday, and onwards I'll "past posts", where with the aid of google maps, I'll fill in all the people who for some strange reason read stuff on this site, more information about my past. I think for next week I'll look at my time in Cornwall college more in depth, and tell you some of the legendary stories, like the light saber-esc fight, that was legend, in those parts(my words).

If your feeling low, check out this site...

Quote of the day
"It took me three attempts to attach the right file to an email... Scary, very scary"

Me confronting realism

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Faith said...

John man that is so stupid. You need to take a step backa nd have a breather

Thanks for that site i have now realised you can make an evil mr man