Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This is gonna be interesting

The end of yet another day, oh how time flies. My miniature secret is out, never tell anyone crap that you wanna keep quiet!! anywho I now presented with an interesting dilemma. The time is 10:43pm, the below picture is what I'm staring at currently.

This is gonna be interesting In exactly 12 hours that needs to be turned into a full fledged English Literature Essay! This should make for a fairly interesting night. So your first question is Why didn't you do it earlier? Well I was fixing PC's , walking people home, teasing folk about possible career choices, putting my nipples on ice, Listening to 2 pac, and building websites (3 to be exact). Second Question would most likely be how long have you had to do it? ummm, a week :( And finally the third, can you do it? Yes we can, I think, sorta. I plan to work until about 12, might not be in for psychology, but we'll see.

For those of you who are interested the 3 Next Gen Gaming consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have been released, The Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Revolution, plus a new Game Boy called the Gameboy Micro(trust me its nothing special). All links are from one of the best sites on the web, in my opinion Engadget.

Currently I 've listened to a select list of about a dozen 2 pac songs almost non-stop for about a week, I think I might soon find my self trying to live de gd
life while rollin in my Chevy impalla. Nigga's to the left and right, hating on me, put 2 caps in em then we'll see if the police can find me. Sorry about that, damn lyrics are in ma head, gonna have to fix it by listening to Moby and feeder.
Thanks to Dan for his little bit of spam that he left, all comments are appreciated, even loser ones like this.

Well won't you look at the time, I got an essay to write, thanks for reading and for those I know, I'll cya tomorrow, as for those I don't, umm, maybe I'll cya round, not.

Quote of the day
"I think, if I don't get in to University; I'll become Whore"

Vicky/Viki/Victoria(she asked for change, here it is, best of 3!)

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Faith said...

John you need to get your piroties right

Work FIRST then take the piss out of people