Saturday, May 07, 2005

Prom: post mortem

If i'm completely honest it was a good night. Boring in bits but good overall. My plan(s) failed sort of, but hey life goes on, and a word of advice, never drink a shot of straight Gin if you like having feeling in your mouth. My highlights:
*The party bus(plasma screen and ps2)
*Hanging with *@€¥£
*YR 13 picture
*Meeting my name sake
*The drive home,lol
*writing this entry while listening to 2Pac and usher
Either way, l would like to say that *@€¥£ looked 'hot' for the lack of a better word,(beautiful sounds too gay) and although it was short notice i'll be your date again any day, bar sunday. Well its like 1.39am so i'm gonna go cya later.

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