Sunday, May 22, 2005

YAP'ing (Yet Another Posting)

Yet another day passes by. I would like to state that the previous post wasn't a drunk posting and In case Danny didn't get my txt, thanks.
Been a strangely good weekend, had a great time at mikes on friday; poo p0rn is certainly weird to say the least. I actually, strangely enjoyed being serverely depressed in a weird sort of dopeamine influenced kinda way at Tasha's/Tara's party yesterday. And today well i found out about this program called Topstyle which does a nice job of coding CSS(its programing thing). Tomorrow comes the incredibley hard General studies exam. Nothing like an exam to make a day perfect.
The outlawz return 2morrow...

Quote of the day
Hannah "What GCSE's are you doing?"
Me "I'm 18"
Hannah "Oh..."

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