Thursday, May 19, 2005

T.A.G. Finale

The final T.A.G. Concert took place today, sad really I'm starting to get soppy in my old age; just works as a further reminder to the fact that all good times come to the end. :( Oh well, life goes on. D-day has been postponed until tomorrow, makes me sad but it should happen tomorrow.
Me and Danny had a great time being American's up by the shops, and getting help from the locals. I got a psychology exam tomorrow which I'm not prepared for in any way shape or form, so I should ace it really. Just had a mini argument with my mum about the throwing away of pizza boxes, LOL, what a great family!
I found this brilliant pic while walking the streets of Grovehill, I don't agree with it, my life's great at the minute, but I thought it accurately sums up what some people feel like (this was the great pic I spoke of yesterday) Cya all tomorrow.

Quote of the Day
"I've seen you around a couple of times, I've never really spoken to you, but I don't mean to be rude or anything; but are you Gay?"
A Girl in Year 10 asking me about my sexual preferences, to clarify I'm straight.

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