Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It's Wednesday aka mid-week!!

Well the most hellish part of the week is done. Buried my uncle's mother(at a funeral!!) yesterday, and met up with my cousins which is always good. My brother came too. Got a few essays to write for wendesday. Also discovered my first exam is on Monday, whooo, go general studies!! Plus I saw some of my prom photo's, which was interesting, there's one I especially like, LOL. But in the rest I look like a I'm wasted, which I wasn't. I'm also thinking of start a podcast with my mates about footie, but I'm not sure how popular it might be. Also I'm gonna launch the new DE site soon hopefully. I think I might start doing a new thing, my quote of the day( I literary came up with it as I was typing, LOL). Today's quote is

I wonder if blokes ever get curious about what it taste like? Ask mike, I heard he's tasted it.
Nicole and Charlotte

heres a pic of the view from my Uncle's Mum's house.

Grand Aunt Liz's view

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