Monday, May 23, 2005

Damn Hackers

I would like to heap praise on the great year 10 kid who hacked the school network, and led to me not being able to do my English work at school and thereby wasting my entire day, thank you. Although in a weird, sort of fellow geek way, i think ur cool, but i still want to happy slap you for the pain i feel in my head right now.
Concerning the weirdest party i've heard of, alot of crazy crap went down, i'm no gossip queen, so no great stories here, sorry. If you wondered if i did anything interesting, beyond chatting to people on the stairs, no... not really.
Wasn't General studies fun everyone, multiple choice exams rule, i personally would like to see them take over, takes me back to my old days of primary school, arhh the good 'ol days.
Well, as a warning stay away from me tomorrow as i got serious work to be getting on with, if i come in, proberly won't cause of a certain hacker(die, die, teach me before you die!!).
The "D" saga goes on, its now almost a entire week now since i said i would do it. Gotta give some guys credit its not as easy as they make it look. If i get a yeah, i'll fill in the blanks, if its no... expect a few sucide posts, just kidding, love myself to much for that, unfortunately for those of you that may hate me, you'll just have to wait like everyone else.

Finally i've been getting weird "vibes" lately from myself (its that damn elusive conscience again!), that i need to apologise, for anything i might have done to piss people off in the past(If mikes reading, no it wasn't me, honest). So one and all i'm sorry. What i'm saying sorry for, not quite sure, but if you remind me you can get a personally, individualized apology for only £9.95, for a limited time!!

Till tomorrow, Bye bye

Oh and heres a nice site i found for those of you who can't afford to go on a "proper" holiday this summer its called Google Sightseeing.

Quote of the day
"There were two parties, the one i went too and got depressed, and the one that everyone else went too and got laid"
me refering to the weirdest party ever.

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StickThenMove said...

thanks for the link. Nice to know I'm slighty International. Good Luck with school stuff.