Monday, May 30, 2005

What I'm not good at, I make up for in other things.

The day's at an end. I displayed my amazing football talents on my local field. Before that I dazzled myself with my HTML coding skills. I'm building a new site for my business. I have been for three weeks, its not easy, making the single page is fine, but then you got to validate it, and error check it, test it... I'm getting boring now, But you can see what the site will look like when its done. Trust me, its no mean feat.
Anyways moving away from all things geek, I actually have nothing to talk about today, cause for once I did diddilly squat, which was real good. I which more of my days could be like this, if only...
pity its so late now, could have taken the telescope out for a spin, oh well maybe tomorrow.
today's quote of the day was hard to get, especially as I've been in the same spot practically all day. So if its crap, well the sites title kinda says it all.

Quote of the day
"I just want a television, and that's just really for background, for loneliness; please make sure its got spankta-vision"

Mr. Adam Curry aka the Podfather, on today's DSC complaining about hotels

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Faith said...

Yeah you use that tellescope

Not good after about 11ish as you cant see anyone *cough* anything