Friday, May 20, 2005

ACS Outlawz!!!!

It's official Ladies and gents, I'm an outlaw. I was kicked out of the common room by our Beloved Mr. Beer for doing nothing in the common room. Got no hard feelings, but I would like to say thanks to sir for making me, Charlotte (tag along, mike) official ACS Outlawz!!
Another bit of big news is my affection for a certain member of the sixth form has gone public, thanks to certain large mouthed individuals(I love you all), just in case you didn't hear, tough, ask me.
I'll take the opportunity to apologize to Vicky/Viki/Victoria, what for, I'm not quite sure, but ok here it is "I'm sorry".
I just got back from Mike's house were there was a little get together. Only 6 of us but it was good, till I felt overcome by dog alleges. The main theme of the convo's began as simple interest in a little thing called a Coffee enema. It soon mutated in to "POO p0rn". Which mike found some fairly interesting pics of on the net, sick, but interesting. Its real freaky to say the least.
Well that about sums up my Friday, I wrote some lyrics, got bundled, embarrassed, fix a couple of comp's, got a swollen throat, and joked about weird types of p0rn, racism, and evasive procedures involving enema bags.
Get well soon Phil, LOL, cya later all.

Who's early now

Quote of the Day
Mike "The K.K.K. is sponsored by Persil, keeping coloureds from running"
ME "Yeah, and the BNP is sponsored by Daz, Keeping Britain White"
Mike and me sharing our political views.

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Faith said...

Nice quotes

Dam and i missed them

Must of been fed up with you john for not doing anything