Sunday, May 15, 2005

The P0rn Party (its not what you think!)

Slow day today, didn't get up till 10 am, that was good. Relaxed, played a little pro (with some controversy, of course). Went to tasha's in the evening for a little get together. Got an incriminating picture of Mark in a bikini, which I'm contemplating about releasing to the public, :) The party was good-ish, lol, best bit was when tasha burnt her nose(long/short story, see quote). We talked about p0rn, mainly motivated by Dan & Bignall's desires for hardcore action, tut tut (I think they like people watching them, lol). Along with certain peoples weird sex life's, mars bars aside, I of course was strangely quiet, we discovered some "freaky" crap for, lack of a better word. Saw tasha's mum's dildo again, don't ask, this time we didn't play spin the dildo! Quite a few faces, pitty I've got to leave really, but oh well, uni here I come, once I revise!
Before I forget I also found out that Viki's a Goth, or at least looks like one on her passport photo, and that Charlotte doesn't do black blokes(dam rumors always tend to be lies), and that no one has ever seen a black Goth, and finally I walked home with nic, again, she's good company, thanks :)

Quote of the day
{tasha}"I got a massive black mark on my nose!!" {me}"Yeah, welcome to my world"

Tasha and me


nic! said...

lol, funny ol' night!

Faith said...

Yeah good night that one

Best thing you have said in a while that little comment

Veritech said...

anyone think i should post mark's pic?

Trudi said...

lol yeh post the pic of mark so we can all laugh at him :)