Wednesday, May 25, 2005

If i had a million squid

Evening once again,
Fairly good day, Paid in a little cash at the bank, check out my balance, the case was heavy but i didn't know it was that much.
My two pence, on the Milan v Liverpool penalty Shoot out blog-live.
  • Serginho v Dudek: lol, loser

  • Hamann v Dida: Close...

  • Pirlo v Dudek: lol, bigger loser, took it like me, that ought to teach him

  • Cisse v Dida: Nice, very cool, next..

  • Tomasson v Dudek: what are you gonna do?... score, ok

  • Riise v Dida: Hammer, Hammer... so much for that, good save thou

  • Kaka v Dudek: Damn, world class brazilians

  • Smicer v Dida: Oh dear... impressive, i take it back vald

  • Shev v Dudek: Ha ha ha ha, Liverpool won the champions league, lol never thought i would say that.

  • Well that was certainly different, i thought liverpool were gonna get spanked, but hey its nice to have a european throphy back in the uk. Best final since the 2002 one when real play bayer leverkusen and zizou scored that volley. Gerrard deserves it alone, that will teach certain players in their mid 30's to do step overs, cough maldini, cough... Next season gonna be interesting, do the champions get in to the champions league?

    Anyway enough footie talk... arh yeah... I got the deal of the day in dixon's, i'm setting up a network for a "client" so i needed some stuff, low and below i come across one of these , in dixon's for 97p!! It was great especially as it kept the whole scheme under budget, which is always good. Well i've got an exam tomorrow, actually two, so i best get to bed now. Oh and before i forget, thanks to nicola for reply to my previous post, and well done liverpool.

    Quote of the Day
    "Oh well, that was a waste of time, 3 nil at half time, they'll never come back(switchs off TV)"

    My comments to myself at half time


    Faith said...

    Didnt even realise there was a match on last night. Did well for my sport daq thing though

    Anonymous said...

    dum de doooooooooooooooo

    nik said...

    coooooool im anonymous.
    ah crap
    sorry weird mood

    Faith said...

    dam football is so boring