Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The apprentice

Oooo its so exciting i kinda want tim to win. Here's my blow by blow analysis:
5 Quid for a glass southern comfort. (21:25)
i Love paul and saira, lol "ur a bi#*h, ur a to**-pot''. Really i do!!(21:38)
no tickets, lol!!(21:40)
Selling tickets to students, hah they've all got no money, lol. (21:42)
25 quid for a harley, lol.(21:45)
Bike vs fit women, decisions(21:46)
I love this show sooo much!
Tim's long term thing is real good(21:53)
Arse kissing time (21:55)
er can i have ur number sir alan?(21:56)
That music, yet again hearts pumping. The call!! (21:57)
Tim got the job!! He pwn's!(22:00)

This show pwn's lol, gd luck tim!

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