Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'd rather live in H.E.M.E.L.:coming soon

Big news today is the making of our music video, based on a 2pac song. Currently we are recuiting bitches & hoe's, and people with expensive cars (BMW's, Mercedes espcially SL's, Jags & Aston Martins prefered ) so drop us a line if your interested(via comments), and yes, i am serious.
Today(thursday) should be my mini D-day, we'll have to wait and see if i take the metaphorical beach.
Ah alas, i find myself at the end of another post, got a killer pic to post tomorrow, cya then.
Quote of the day

Chris"Who would you rather shag, your mum or your nan?" Gary"ummm"Me"personally i'd go for your mum, but that's my opinion
Chris, Gary and me playing the classic "who would you rather shag"

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