Friday, May 27, 2005

Pub Trip; Uncut!

Hi everybody, wasn't the weather fantastic, Its still 21 degrees!!. Had a good day today, i did absolutely nothing(work related). The day started like every other day on the ranch. The wind was blowing though my hair and sun was beating down on the dry unreaped corn fields. I stared to the north, i dust trail was rising from the parched dirt trail, reality was on its way... So like i was saying, we all went on a mini road trip to a local drinking establishment, which if i'm honest i quite enjoyed. It also happened to be in the middle of nowhere. We chatted crap, as we do; drank, as they do; Insulted each other, as we do; good ol fashioned fun. Heard alot of quality insults, and was asked to show my nipples(strange but true}, but there wasn't a agreement with charlotte, so no game. We think it might be nice to take a road trip, just the 12 of us, we can make it if we try, just the 12 of us, you and i...

Big Brother 6, is offically full of freaks!!, Male Belly Dancers{Kamal} who like the movie sister act! aren't there laws against being that gay. Plus he uses the word "Fabulous", its marco x2!! The Black girl looks like she belongs in a snoop video, whoo, she might be in there sooner than i think, Eviction! ha ha ha and shes a drama queen. Lets play the whos a transexual game. Guesses anyone, cause i know there has to be one. It wouldn't be BB otherwise.

I'm making Nuclear cannon vs Crazy frog Video, going well, bar the stupid video program, but it should be nice once it's finsihed.
Finially to wrap up this great post(i wish), Here are some of the Professional Prom pics, don't ask how we got them, or why they look grainy, just know the we are highly skilled geeks, who also happen to be cheapo's, and hate paying for anything. Z photo's are provided by Dan's Blog/site, check it out.
Enjoy the weekend...

Quote of the day
Tasha "Jon, can we see your nipples"
Me "Umm ...Why?"
Tasha "We haven't seen black nipples before"

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Faith said...

HAHAHAHA my credit is served

Oh yeah two things while i am writing this

It is now 8:07 and I have now been up for 24 hours and 27 minutes good or bad idea we shall soon see

Also pics are grainy as the scanning process and junk