Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Playstation Controller Symbols Have Meaning in Japan

When Japanese authors are appraising the merits of different objects, they often use geometric symbols like circles and triangles that look like the buttons on a Playstation. The meanings of these symbols are common knowledge in Japan, in much the same way that everyone in the West knows that a tick means "correct" and a cross means "incorrect".

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Keeping my promises

A new day, Another week, Yet another fantastic episode of Twit.

As promised the Holiday photo Album

Anyways we played football today. Sort of, cause it was really hot and we especially me didn't really feel like playing at any sort of level. Afterwards myself and the legend that is Phil rode around with Anna and Hannah (any guesses as to why they are friends), in her Ka. I then attempted to apply my genius to fixing our COD server, which failed, so I'll have to stock up and try again.
So after my clear lack of fitness while we were playing today I've decided I gotta do a little something about my overall state of health, which is ok, much better than 2 years ago, but could still be better. Thanks to this helpful chart, I've worked out I'm about a stone overweight at the worst which isn't that bad considering I was 3-4 not that long ago. So how do I plan to fix this, well not eating as much chocolate might be a start, but hey everyone needs a release.

Anyways enjoy the album, it's runnin' of my home based apache server, so if it's off I apologise.

If you know what the words TCP/IP mean read on other wise skip this paragraph. Please don't hack my server all you net geeks, I'm aware it would be as easy as piss, but I got work to do and a down server would really piss me off before I jet out of here to south coast.

Quote of the Day
Hannah "We're getting some new meals at Pizza Hut"
Me "Let me guess, Pizza right"

Hannah and work, if only I didn't care about legal issues, the things I would disclose.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The ranting's of a mad man

While looking for an old link in my site's archives I discovered that I indeed live up to my site's title. "So full of crap I decided to share it with the world". Nice to know I do what I say on the tin.
anyways spread amongst the hundred+ posts I discovered numerous references to the "D quest". I thought I should clarify. D stood for date, therefore date quest, simplified the quest for a date. If you can't work out with who you could be considered somewhat stupid. Anyways I've lost interest in that endeavors slightly mainly cause I seem to be quite crap it.
So I got six weeks left and I think I cut and paste write a little program to count down to the date I leave for university and put it on my site. I've been busy trying to become a top coder, by learning Python, after I'm finished with that I'll move on to Java script, and then I might dabble in Ajax. Why you ask, well it's either this or build a model of a AH-64 Apache that I've had down stairs for a year, and walked 6 miles to get.
Back to the title, I don't know how you folks put up with my almost daily rantings he rants personally I think I would of put the site on my block list, just so I could subscribe via RSS. As the non tech minded around you might have noticed, a lot of tech talk today, it's cause I'm in a programming mood, and I've been listening to MC Plus+'s "Have to Code".
The whole University thing has kinda bit me in the posterior, I was sorta focused on staying at home, and now I'm gonna be living on my own, a hundred miles away for 3 years. So might say I'm loser for even thing about it that way, but when you consider I've already lived away from my family for 6 years, sympathy will hopefully kick in. But hey I got four weeks left so I best enjoy it I guess.
Oh the holiday gallery should be here soon, I finally configured the "package" that I need to use called Album, so I'll be kicking that out as soon as I can be bothered. But right now I think I'll go and play that 1 year old game that I love so much, Pro Evo 4.
Finally in closing, I feel real old, and slightly bored, but hey. I'll just listen to my new anthem "Computer science for life" by the number 1 CSG(computer science gangster) rapper, MC Plus +.
[Close braces!]

Friday, August 19, 2005

Southampton it is!

Ok folks. Looks like I'm off to Southampton. Spent most of the day sorting out fees, loans, courses, confirmation, etc. So it looks like I'll be moving away to the south coast. I'll be doing a Law Degree and should graduate in 2007. However I won't be going anywhere till October so I'll nothing to do until then, I might try and get a job, just so I can write a letter of resignation and say I quit when I ask for 3 years off.

Imagine I might have a little leaving party, maybe. Anyways that's what I've done to day. I'm not sure if I'll live in halls yet, but considering that I could have my own studio flat for almost the same price, I'm still thinking about it.

To clarify for anyone I'm going to Southampton Solent University not the University of Southampton. There like across the road from each other, but still different institutions.

Other than Uni news here's my funniest holiday photo.

Also while I was there I decide to try out a good old fashioned Kinder surprise. However I was actually surprised for once. The egg is separated in two, both separated by plastic film. In one is a very soft chocolate(spread like) thing with two chocolate balls spheres. In the other half is the toy. Which in this case was a sliding thing with a picture that went from colour to black and white, I rate it as 2/10!

This I believe it is the biggest Church in Malta, it's not on Gozo itself, but the main island of Malta. When I was there they were in the middle of their big annual religious celebration. There were fireworks and marches and such

Finally we went out to "celebrate" our results which was good. I only had a single pint, and we laughed our heads off mainly about Vicky's future. We kinda thought porn star/producer, some titles that we came up with were
  • Vicky does Vegas
  • Vicky's Vids

Anyways I informed everyone of what a Rainbow party. I also accidentally found myself in the middle of a "How to give good H..." Conversation, I'll say no more, Drink and conversations about sex seem to go hand in hand.

Anyways it was a good night, till the next post take care and I'll cya round.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

So the results are in

Ok, well there not the most amazing things in the world, but hey that's life. My Mum's a little disappointed but hopefully she'll get over it. Anyways here's what I got.

English Literature D
General Studies E
Psychology D
Physics U
History -

So I'm sure loads of people did better than me, so well done to them. At the minute I'm in the midst of sorting out my future. My first choice Hertfordshire, required 200 points, as I got 130 I'm not going there :( My insurance choice, Southampton only required 100 points; However I don't really wanna leave my mum at home alone cause I like being cared for. So I might have to go though clearing to find a course closer to home. Herts has offered me an alternative course which is like a the uni version of general studies. I'm not to keen on it but we'll see. The way I see it, if I'm gonna get my self a degree I at least want a degree and not just a diploma.

So we'll all meeting up tonight, but till then I got gotta focus on finding courses which is tiring, I was gonna go to Luton for all of 15 minutes till I found out they wanted 2 A levels, which I happen to not have :( So if I move to Southampton this blog might become pretty much the only way of contact between me and the world yeah right!

Another selection from the photo album, It's a church, there's something like 360+ of them in Malta

Quote of the Day
"I danced half-naked on the stage in front of several hundred people"

I won't say who I got this from my alter ego but this is why too much drink is a bad thing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The day of reckoning

In a few hours we all go to collect our results. For a few of us this may change the course of our lifes. For a few of us michael it won't really mean jack. Either way i'm pretty nervous now, and am quite tired to boot.
So Good luck everyone and i'll see you tomorrow. Any if any of those damn reporters from the national news sees this post, there not as damn easy as you constantly make out every 5 seconds, but there still not the hardest thing in the world :p not
Anyway here's another photo from the holiday collection. I'll be constructing the photo gallery over the next few days. I just need to come up with a design that serves my purposes. till the next time.

I'm baaaaack!

I have returned. It's 2.53am on wednesday and i haven't slept since about 8am yesterday so i'm really tired. Phil your quotes on its way :) and everyone else i'll see ya thursday aka the day of reckoning heres a teaser from the forth coming holiday picture gallery.

Cya later, enjoy ur day

Quote of the Day
"I'm knacked"

need i say more

Monday, August 15, 2005

T-minus 60:00.30

So its 3 days left. Sweating? Am i? Yes cause im in jeans, sitting in the sun, :-D. Anyways i come home on wednesday @ 3am! Ive taken 229 photos, i'm in about 4. Its been great thus far, i'll c u all on the 18th. Chow

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm off to "da G"

Up, up and away I go. Tomorrow I jet out to the sunny shore's of Gozo, a small island off the north coast of Malta. I got a nice Digital Camera so I'm gonna go photo crazy you can expect to see a massive gallery when I get back, too. So I hoped you all like the 100th post. I'll be growing the stuff in question while I'm out there so we'll see what 32 degrees does for facial hair.

anyways I won't be back till the 16th I think, (2 days from R-day!) so to keep you folks entertained here's some links so you guys can check up on me.
The Gozo Webcam: See what it's like in Gozo
Where's Gozo: Thanks to google maps you can check out the bay of Marsalforlorn(I think that's how you spell it:>)
The daily weather in Gozo.
Photo's of my new home for a week
What's up in the "G"
Some images of da G via Google images, {I have no idea who the woman is}

Finally I've switched,if you don't understand technology skip to the end now, you have been warned! that is to say I've dumped windows and got myself a sweet copy of Ubuntu Linux it's quite cool, however if you think you wanna do the same, bear in mind it took me two days to get MP3 playback to work, how I just need to access my MP3 collection :). It was actually quite easy but I was thinking "complex" so I did "complex" oh well I've learnt now. Here's what it looks like...

I'm not a full time "nix" user yet, but I'll move slowly if you haven't understood a single word or simply don't care it's not a problem cause it's not really an issue anyway, just my excuse to use a command line. Oh and my PC's now named "Blu-buntu" :)

Anyways till later folks keep safe don't do anything stupid like start a blog where you talk about yourself on a almost daily basis and I'll see all you good folks on the 18th,(thanks for the mail bignall), peace/Later/l8tez/asta la vista/ west side/ cya/check ya later/ Das vidanya

Quote of the Day
Post 101 is brought to you by Ubuntu, Linux for Human Beings

Could Mark Shuttleworth aka guy who paid mega bucks to go to space please send me a cheque, I take Visa and American Express however a free Plasma TV from that "Go-open" show would do me, or alternatively a 6600GT... Pleaseeeeee

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Future faces of Jon

So I'm getting old, sadly, and certain things just aren't the same. The main one of these things is my chin. There's stuff hair growing on it. So I thought, let me envisage myself in a couple years time(I hope) when I will actually have to shave. Now if I look knackered its cause it's 12.50 am on a Friday and excuse my teenage identifiers spots, my face is suffering what I like to call spot-o-rama :). Nothing like another spotty teen on the Internet...
So I decided to Photoshop pictures of myself to try and predict what I might look like with addition of that wonderful male facial feature, Hair. Bear in mind that these aren't meant to look perfect and my face better may change by the time the Hair starts kicking for real.

Ok, first to get this one out of the way, for everyone who ever wondered what Jon would like with one of those crazy "Rapper" afro's...

I always said it wouldn't be pretty!

Next up, my Mr T. Impression, Fool's

The king hasn't left the building, he just flew out to the West side,VV

Anyone ever read the Quran? I hear it's Good, but the Arabic always put me off.

Anyways if I ever grow my facial hair I think I go for something like this

since the Robert Pires look just doesn't work for me

Well after, like 7 years of net anonymity the whole net can finally photoshop see pictures of me, well I'm still better off than some people I guess. This was the 100th Russian Space Station post. Hopefully you folks will hang round for 200 hundred, and hopefully I would have actually met up with some of ya before then too.
Till the next time.

Quote of the Day
"You just kicked me in the balls, why not punch me in the face."

Keith from that Podcast thing I'm always cracking on about.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My Playstation 2 Mod

Some of you may know that i often speak of my Playstation 2 that mounted in a shoebox. Well i decided that since like only three people have seen it, i thought the rest of you might want to. It's not the best mod ever but i like it. The drive is stealthed pc style, access to the memory card slots is limited, however i could change it so that the controller is always plugged into the console within the box :) Anyways i like it, it works too.

Inside Reebok!

It's alive(sorry about the lighting but i wanted the LED's to be clearly visble to prove that it was actually working)

It moves(Disc tray with PES 2 loaded)

With a nice basket placed on top who would guess that there's a console in there.

Now after soaking all that in you're wondering what did that loser do with the actual case, well i hope to turn to that into the "Blu-ray mini" Running Linux, Sad yes, i have too much time, maybe; but i was bored, and it's better than getting an ASBO.

BTW, this is post 99! check back for the special 100th post for RSS, it should be funny for you and involve several pictures of myself, i might even throw in a couple baby pics if i'm in the mood.

This weeks top Ten: Places

Yellow folks, long time no post, been sorta busy spec'ing out Phil's new "rig". Funny that this is todays topiuc as i'm going away on holiday next week. So Blu-ray will get a break, and i'll be detached from a PC which is good cause i need something else to do. Before i go i should be redo-ing the site yet again. I hope it will be a nice change, went around taking photo's too. So on to the post
My top ten places
  1. Hong Kong: Its full of really tall buildings and i wanted to go there since i was about 8
  2. Japan: Most of my life i've lived in the western hemisphere so a change of sky would be welcome, especially if it's full of gadgets and other shiny cool stuff
  3. Dubai: Rich folk, big buildings, desert, what more could a guy ask for....
  4. San Francisco: West side, the bay area, hills, Golden Gate, Cali-livin etc. *enter popular west side rapper phrase here*
  5. New York: The big fruit where Chemda and keith hang out, the best example i think of a city in the world, rich side, poor side, all bundled in together, nothing like city livin.

  6. L.A. Like, its LA!
  7. Barcelona: viva espanyol, que camp nou?
  8. Moscow: Where the commies at, oh there all gone, damn! a decade to late
  9. Milan: two massive football clubs in one town/city, lots of places to see, i'm liking it, now if i can just avoid the Ultras.
  10. Egypt: Where those giant paper boats at? and why did they stick sand on them, nothing like ruining good paper!

Quote of the Day
You might be a computer geek if...
  • you can program in more languages than you can speak.
  • you believe Unix/Linux is the most superior operating system out there
  • your computer costs more and runs better than your car
  • your computer chair has the permanent and stiff indentation of your butt in it.
  • when you have to write with a pen, you find yourself using the Palm Graffiti characters.

According to this i may be a geek? Anyone wanna take me out any time soon? Party, drink, gathering what ever, just e-mail me or call me at 0798...