Friday, October 28, 2005

Jon's a writer!

My first article got published today! You can see it here, It's called "Breathing life back into Socket A". If you know nothing about computers, don't bother to try reading, you'll feel more confused. Anyway, thus far its getting good feed back, which makes me feel good.

I haven't posted that much this week, cause i've been busy getting "my legal" on. this course requires sick amounts of reading, and if i want to make worth my while i gotta read, a lot. I'm talking 10 pages at least per seminar, and these people haven't heard of fonts larger than 10! Hugh amounts of information, and dates to consume, like the Police Criminal Evidence Act 1984(revised 1992 according to jonathan 2 of 3). Anyway it's tough to stay with the class, mainly cause i allowed myself to fall behind slightly, either way Uni is no joy ride unless your doing a "mickey mouse" course, sa my grandfather would have called it.

By the end of next week(hopefully long before then) i should finally have my T|X, and should be able to put my faithful clie to rest. But wifi calleth.

This weekend, i got more washing to too, a couple of trips to the library, a trip to John Lewis(hopefully to drop three figures on a T|X :)). And thats about it, but right now i'm so tired it's hard to even get excited, i got some weird pics to post, so i'll do that another day, i'm gonna scan though my warez collection and watch some movies, later

Quote of the Day
Teacher "If you don't do the work, you'll fail and won't be come a solicitor"
A "But i wanted to be a fireman"
Teacher "If you keep this up you won't have any choice but to be one"
A "Yeah, thats what i want to do"

Sometimes, being a general "joker", lets you down when you are trying to be serious

Monday, October 24, 2005

Apparently it rains a lot in Southampton

A whole lot, I got soaked right though, in fact my coats so wet it's in the shower, in fact better go get before the milk thief gets it. Actually I literary just checked it, it's still wet.

Enough damp. Higher Hak's is coming on nicely, still no content yet, but with the stuff I'm doing on a daily basis it won't be like that for long. I came up with a fairly clever way of designing sites from the ground up, so I'm gonna try and apply it here to see if it actually changes anything, and stops the posts from ending up halfway down the page, annoying don't you think.

Well still no sign of the big fat check from Tony, which is nice cause I'll be starving this time into two weeks, This statement was sponsored by the British Labour party.

tomorrows my big day off, however as I've been hearing the best way to get though a degree (when it's full time at least) is to treat it like a job. Therefore a 9-5 affair, which makes a lot of sense, cause what are we gonna do when we leave? So tomorrow I'm gonna try and get all my work for the week done, you gotta take this investment thing seriously.

I might however break this up by indulging in some "techie porn", or at least that's what Adam calls it. He dropped like four thousand us dollars on a laptop, a desktop and a Video Ipod, but hey if you got the cash, why not. It compares the process of getting a new computers, to porn. It's the smell according to him, I think it's more like going to grandmothers for Christmas, there's loads of cake, and you can't eat it all, but your gonna do your damnest. Then after eating to excess you go to bed 2am cuddling you new device....
Where was I, yeah hopefully I'll get my T|X this week, if you knew the pain that my once glorious Clio has become you would understand why I'm looking forward to this so much, not to mention portable wifi, now if only I could get Bit-torrent for palm os...
Plus I just thought, who wants to get together and donate cash so I can but a 12" powerbook, it's only a grand, if each of you give a hundred quid I'll have it in no time

Oh, though it's not like me, using your various "sources" check out this song by Freeway called "You got me" featuring none other than the diva that is Mariah Carey. Good track, in my humble opinion.

What ever happened to the whole date thing? Well I haven't since the person in question, but I assure you all in typical Jon fashion I good lists of witty remarks that will get me slapped in the face that are bound to sweep her off her feet.

Oh yeah, and I actually implement that design over on Higher hak's so check it out and tell me what you think, I know it's broke, work with me here people.

Anyway until another day take care, and enjoy life, look after each other by sharing music via p2p, and come back tomorrow!

Quote of the Day
A "You should have seen it, there was blood still dripping out of it, I wouldn't have eaten it, but you know, I was hungry" B "I thought it was gonna jump out of the plate like" Me "Just as well I missed dinner then"

Raw beef is very bad, but I'm hungry... Cook your food people

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Jon's gone l33t haxor

So i'm sitting there, thinking i wanna use Bit-torrent. then the idea hits me, i'm not the only person in the world who likes downloading legal content via bit torrent.
so i created "Higher Hacks", in like four hours. Higher Hacks is a website slaved to exploiting holes, in school, college, and university networks.

You can visit what is basically the shell, of the site here, and don't forget to tell your friends, Plus we are hiring so if anyone wants to write feel free to try out, but i won't practice any favouritism, after all if your not l33t, you just aren't good enough to be among the haxor's.

Anyway it's not a plan to take over the world just my attempt to get some p2p action happening =)

Oh here's what the site should look like when i've finished designing/making it.

Nice don't you think? i might change the colour to a more greeny kinda a colour but the blue was kinda of premade, so i took it, plus i like blue.

In other news i went to bed at 5 am this morning, cause i'm we had a party on our floor, you know how it is.

So finally don't forget

Quote of the Day
A "what are you guys doing?"
B "Looking up pictures of hot chicks"
A "Just go to Google and put in PORN, and a ton of sites come up"
me "that's not what we wanted"

Sometimes things aren't exactly what they appear on the surface, always think carefully and wait before you speak

Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's not so sunny any more

Right it rained yesterday after i had done my weekly shop, and i mean it really rained, hail, wind the whole shabang. Anyways while my shopping got wet, i could rest assured at my world class budgeting skills...

I might not have mentioned it in the past, but since i've been here the fire alarm has gone off at least four times. All of these times have been in the early morning, around 2am, or 3am in the case of today. Now this alarm isn't quiet by any stretch of the imagination, it will wake you up, unless you've smoked, and drunk your way into your bed in the first place. This thing is serious. Anyway its always a joy to watch those people who where either in the shower, sleep naked, or do other "things", pile up outside the main entrance to the block in towels and such with a look on their face that could strip paint from walls. The worse bit is that by the time you get to the ground floor and get outside it stops and you don't even get a chance to socialize.

In other news i didn't see "n" on tuesday, however i did see her yesterday, but she was busy at the time so i had to leave it. theres always another day, time, place. So no news on that front.

Anyway after panicing about some work i thought i had to have done for today, it turns out that the lecture is tomorrow, which is a nice thing, just means i got to crank it out tonight, the wonderfully organized uni student that i am.

Anyway thanks for all the be yourself advice (i watch TV too you know), i'll check with you all another day.

Quote of the Day
A "Shall we set off the fire alarm"
me "Isn't that the wrong way to get back at the people that just set it off"
B "i think we should do it, i 'll cover the camera, and you hold a lighter under the detector"
me "this is how it starts"

Doing the exact same thing someone else did to you isn't exactly what i would call revenge

Sunday, October 16, 2005

For old times sake

i wonder which ones jon? It's the crew people, now seperated. funny thing is pretty much everyone on the left side of that photo has gone to uni. Ah, the days, do you remember that time, that... Never mind.

Anyways i ate a pack of haribo and i got gas, so thats what i'm upto. I spoke to chris today who sent me that picture so now i got something to mark your faces with to remember you all by. He also sent me a picture of me and him in a comprimising position and a picture of the once highly desired clare. Which i won't post cause i respect her, however i did send her a non drunken text asking her, why she shun'd my advances, i'm still awaiting a reply. Personally i don't think i'll ever get one, but i was pondering why it never worked it's not like i'm ugly.

In other non-clare related news i got these free cinema tickets, which i've ear marked for another lady, she does business with something or another, and i think her name starts with an N, i'm not being shady but i don't know her name. Anyway in my book i think shes nice. Now it's not normally my style to be "advancing" so quickly but as is my unstanding in street speak "Gash is limited" which basically means if i don't do something soon, there won't be another chance to do anything.

If you gotta any "normal" style dating tips feel free to drop them in the comments although i'm smoother than butter on a summer's afternoon, everyone needs a hand every now and then, and leave out the "be yourself" crap, the girl doesn't want to know how to optimize a socket A system, by tweaking the CAS latecy timings and upping the front side bus speed.

Before i go, found this in my archives, it's a list of all of my best memories from the ACS years, enjoy.

Right i'm off to bed gotta be up for 11am tomorrow for Legal Contexts,

Mens rea and all that...

Quote of the Day
Points at picture
A "Where are you in this picture?"
B "that's my mum"
A "Oh, i thought that was you"

Children and parents can look very alike

Friday, October 14, 2005

You can call me 1 of 3...

Привет, (That's hello in Russian, don't ask me how the hell you say it) Though virtue of being one of the louder members in my class I got the duty of being the classes union rep. First action proposed by my 6'8 counter part, Jonathan, was to go on strike. Yes there's another Jonathan, but hold the press, in fact there's 3 of us in my seminar group alone, and about 5 in the entire course. I'm popular with mum's and dad's around South Africa and Isle of Wight the world. It's so weird having to call out my own name, to address two different people, who also share the same initials, beat that.

I hate a whole medium pizza from domino tonight, so I'm certainly not starving tonight, infact I'm stuffed. Makes me think about the homeless people outside, their quite friendly. My plan is, when I get a job I'll spend a bit of time with them, Depending on where I work, I might hook them up with the days left overs, must be hard living on the streets, we should always remember to appreciate the fact the we got roofs over our heads, Food and most importantly for me an internet connection.

I'm still here crying about when my loan will come though so I can buy my T|X Wifi enabled PDA books for class. I give the nice friendly people over there a call on Monday and try and get it sorted, or at least find out how much longer I will have to wait.

As for me this weekend I have to get my washing done, unlike most people I'm not gonna do the classical thing of dragging back to Hertfordshire, that's more expensive then it's worth. (@ £30-40 appox. round trip) Then i am gonna go to asda and do my shopping for the week then stab myself for turning into a grown up responsible loser, afterwich i might watch Snatch, never seen it from start to finish.
Also gonna do some homework, this course is hard, so this crap has gotta be done or else, i've already been threatened with being asked to leave the class cause i did the wrong assignment by accident, so the good time charlie crap has gotta stop now, and i never even got to taste those hash cookies.

Sunday is search for a church and library day, i've start that as a new habit, go to the library on a sunday afternoon, nice and quiet. I'll look at some cases and dream of how i can afford that Ferrari 575 thats in the parking lot that my room overlooks. Theres actually a CLS and a another ferrari, a 360 down their too, i actually live in the Posh/rich area of the city, which is kinda nice, until you realise that i also share this space with another 2000+ students.

Remember, that freshers ball i went too, and that other imfamous party i went too on monday, well they where both held at a Venue call "Ikon", well here are two pictures i took when i went there last week, for the freshers ball, both of them where taken when the world famous Roll deep was on stage. They are crap shots, but hey my phone was like £60, takes nice pictures in day light.

I didn't take any on monday, however though my l33t skill i did obtain this one from a "commrad", use firewalls and anti-virus's please people...

Anyway on that note, talk to you all later, keep the action going in the comments it's nice to pop in their and watch mike defend my "honour" against all of you. Till another time, Мир(Peace in Russian, you know what i'm gonna say...)

Quote of the Day
Teacher "What skills do you think someone would use to take over the world?"
Me "Violence"

G. Khan, Hilter, G.W. Bush, i think theres precident for my opinion

Thursday, October 13, 2005

41 year olds and 13 year olds don't mix

Hi people. Yesterday I went to court for the first time. I believe it was the crown court, cause they had barristers with wigs and such. Anyway the case that I sat in on was about a man who was accused of child molestation(I think). Although the stereotype is that these people are normally guilty I felt there was a wealth of facts, that backed up his case. Whether he was actually innocent or not that is for the jury to decide.

In other news I seem to be getting popular, I think I mentioned this already... Warez makes friends. My L33t skills and blu-ray have got me some prospective customers, so hopefully I should be building some nice PC's.

On the job front I'm still living the student life, so I'm poor and hungry, especially since I wanted to go to asda and get some stuff, but tonight I go to bed hungry. Please sir can have some more... But in reality I'm too lazy to go down stairs, and tesco's is closed now anyway.

Well I'm waiting for my phat loan from Tony to come though, until which time I'll just have dreams about my new T|X PDA, which will rock, not that I'm excited.

As for Friday night, I hope to go out(with someone) but some things never change, so certainly don't put your money on it happening.

I saw all the lovely comments from the last post. Normal, Hard core Geek Jon, still exists. I'm gonna start programming again :).

Also for all you Internet Explorer folks(aka people to lazy to get firefox) I'll try and fix the site again this weekend. Till another day take care, and I'm off to bed.

Quote of the Day
"Would you like to give the court an example of the kinda of Sexually explicit language that your son used"

Getting "court" can be really embrassing, stay out of trouble people

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

One in three girls thinks i have a nice ass...

I'm back at uni again, live on the dual G5. Gotta do some research for courses and the such. Hopefully my new gadget the Palm TX comes out today, so i should be able to obess myself with that along with a possible video ipod.

Also these apple keyboards have real nice tactile feedback, feels like typing on air, almost kinda solid too, anyway enough about tech.

I got an email from Bignall, which said "I heard you are becoming a party animal" I would like to confirm that, Yes i am becoming a party animal, just kidding; Not really. The people here like to have a good time, whether this be drinking to excess, smoking to excess, or partying to excess. I'm like a deer caught in the headlights, i either stay at home and supply water for my 100'000 citizens in Simcity 4, or i go out and watch as my friends get wasted on werid types of alcahol, which are green and about 35%. I'm not really a party animal by any stretch of the imagination. just got bored of getting killed by the Aztecs on Civiliation 3.

See i'm just as sad as i always was, Plus to anyone coming to university, "Warez" (google it) is a real nice way to make friends, works like a charm. Now if only i could figure a way to use Bit torrent up in here :(

If your wondering why jon has been geekin' out its mainly cause tech is the only the only thing thats keeping me sane, it's not "rough" so to speak at uni, but the environment does wear on you after while. Everyone i know here, i've only known for 3 weeks, although it seems much shorter, the time is really starting to fly. I've been to loads of schools in the past, but this is sightly different, we are all adults(almost :)), and we have developed physically and mentally. Kiss-chase is an entirely different concept, nowadays(past primary school that is) Social activities have changed so much compared to when i was a child, i have even come to the recognition that my child hood is offically over, sad but true.

So you must all be wondering whats the headline about. Well i went to that Pimp's and Hoes party and some random girl, grabbed my rear and complimented it. Personally i think she was very drunk(mainly cause she had pupils the size of a 2 pence peice) however i also like to think that she has good taste. So she was with some friends that stay quite quiet about the whole thing, hence the statement.

Well i got look at some case law now and stop projecting my opinions about a-z, on you nice well meaning, readingl, bored folk.

Either way don't worry about me, and work your asses off, you never know somebody might just like it :)

Quote of the Day
A "Every boy's gotta have a F**K mix, have you got one?"
B "Yeah, course"
Me "Nah, never really felt the need for one"

Sometimes trying to tell the truth all the time, can be extremely funny

Monday, October 10, 2005

Did Apple Plan the Intel switch with the release of the G5?

A G5 Power Mac

Take look at the G5, it "conforms" to Intel's BTX specification. I never noticed this before but after spending some quality time with a Dual 1.8Ghz G5 at University today I noticed it. Steve Jobs did say OSX86 had been around since about 2001, so was the G5 chassis simply a Cross platform stepping stone. Will they sell upgrade kits so G5 owners can just switch "up" to intel boxes. We hear analysts say all the time that Apple is a Hardware company, well is the G5 their way of working their way into the tradition PC market?
G5's are fully upgrade, just like PC's. Sure the mounting holes are in different places, but anyone compared them to a BTX board? Plus, custom parts limits the suppliers to Apple only. The first Mac-Intel's, were in G5 "enclosures" was this just for convenience or was it the plan all along? Say what you will, but I think Apple had us "hood winked" for years while it made it's Huge switch. It saw Intel Ramping up speeds in it's chips, and thought hey that should be us.


That classic phrase of a "3GHz Power Mac" seems to fit in perfectly to this conversation, Jobs always knew that Apple would have to change to survive. He would have made the change earlier but having only, a relatively short time before switched platforms, he couldn't do it again so soon, for fear that the company turn into a laughing stock.
The key topic on my lips at least, is will apple start selling parts Wholesale and allow users to build their own Mac? Cause I would take the trip, it would be joy. A choice of enclosures, and boards, and the rest is pretty much PC stuff. They could even employ a Licensing model(Like the "Made for Ipod" scheme) and pull in millions.

Thanks for Reading

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(For Digg Users: I know everyone hates Blog postings, but I need somewhere to drop the idea, and it was either here or an Ad-infested Free webpage. Also sorry to all you Non-firefox users, I only just redesigned the page and haven't figured out why it's broken in IE6 and Safari)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Jon's getting a new Gadget

Ok all you folk should remember my lovely Clie, that has served me well for about a year and a half, well hopefully I should be decking the PDA halls with Whoo, hell yeah's. Cause I hope to upgrade by the end of this month. To this...

Sweet no, Wifi, Bluetooth, built-in flash drive(I think), massive screen, and SD cards!! Anyone who's ever brought a memory stick will understand my joy.

How much is this bad boy gonna cost, about £200 i estimate, i hope it's that much, it better be, otherwise I'm not getting it :( So you must be wondering with what money, wellthat'ss what studentloanss and parents are for, and jobs and benefit cheques. But i don't know much about the last two.

Anyway my mum came up to visit me today, took me back to the that niceChinesee place we went to the first day i was down here. AnywaysIi gotta a go to church(yes u read that right), and meet my friend David in town so till another day seeyaha later people...

Quote of the Day
"You have to wait till their about six, before you can begin to seriously beat them"

Please don't report my mum to NSPCC, she was just fustrated with how nice a child i was.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Ward v Tesco, Yogurt can be dangerous to your health

First case, lady slips in a supermarket in 1976 and tries to sue Tesco's for damages, guess what folks, she loses. Lesson number 1 from your your favorite lawyer type guy, don't sue over yogurt, it's just not worth it
Anyways I got a Lecture at 11am so I'm chilling/washing till then. It's been a good week so far. Somebody keeps drinking my damn milk, it's very annoying. I to steal someone else this morning to eat my crunchy nut. Anyways I still haven't fixed the silly layout, I've only tried once since I've been fiddling with "Script Kiddy" tools and such, in a poor attempt to be L33T.
Anyway my mum, brother, and Tamara(Scott's girlfriend) are all coming up to see me this weekend so I gotta hide the cookies clean up. Check you all later.

Quote of the Day
A "Hey guys, that girls passed out on my bed, she's screwed"
B "Why are you here man, you should bang it"
A goes quiet and looks surprised for a couple of seconds
"Yeah, Yeah I'll see you guys later"

This is why getting High isn't always a fantastic idea, sometimes you forget the most obvious male urges...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

You can't Roll Deep round here

Who's that N double E, just kidding folks. I just got back the freshers ball. Which was sick, I met Wiley of Roll Deep fame. I said I liked the album, which I did, I still wonder who ate who the pies. Anyways Roll Deep, as a group is a bit of a joke in my eyes, but hey that's a whole other conversation. If you wondering it's 3am, so I'm sync with the day. I haven't gotta go in tomorrow so that's fine.
I got pictures of the nights events, but if I'm honest I can't be bothered to post them tonight. Most people still haven't got back from the club "icon" which I almost got rejected by again, for the second time, but it wasn't that bad. I went back to Bambuubar with Fuad, and Billy before we went to the ball, however it wasn't has happening as the night before.
In traditional Jon fashion, I now have my eye on someone(here we go again). It's funny cause I didn't really warm to her the first time I saw her, but now(two days later) I like her a lot more. Shes one of the people I was talking too the day I stayed up till 8am. What I'm gonna do, I have no clue. I'll come up with something, but with unlimited time, no curfew, and no cash, I think I should be able to come with something good. Oh and she's like 20, ah just realized I already told you all her name, screw it, Chloe, Nice girl. We'll see.
That reminds me I got this stupid thing where I don't like girls the first time I meet them, and then give it two weeks and I'm into them, tongue out, the whole love slave crap, strange, and very sad.
I applied for some more jobs. Nothings come-though yet, but I'm confident something should happen soon. Well that's about it for today/tonight. Pictures and Chloe updates tomorrow, just remember, that like 4 other folks are gunning for her too. All three I know :), so it's time to get bitchy smart. Anyways till tomorrow take all, I'm out.

Oh and here are some new words and phases I use.

"I'm out"- I'm quitting
"That's Live"/"It's Live"- It's happening/exciting
"seventh"- that's where I live

Quote of the Day
"Why do you look like a wall flower?"

That's what you get for trying to lean on the wall at a "Live" party