Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Believe i can fly

Well i finally got my student loan, which is nice to have after 12 months. Works great, i have yet to visit the "house of g*sh", (their words not mine). My macbook purchase is now so close i can almost taste the black apple.

But the really big thing, is that i brought a RC plane, turns out i'm a pretty crap pilot, but i'm sure the kills on Ace Combat 5 knew that already.

Anyways i'm back in the big bad city, this weekend so i might try and do some catch up with work with all of you.

Till then, later

Quote of the Day
Chris"You ever thought about doing stand-up?"
Me "Not really, i cant be funny on demand, if i try it's not pretty."
Chris"What do you mean?"
Me"Why did the chicken cross the road?"

I leave the stand-up to keith, i'm a situation man give me an in, watch me work...

Monday, October 02, 2006

I want a Black MacBook Bad, i mean like, crazy bad!

Afternoon, As usual i've found some gadget that i want really bad. In this case, it's a girl, who i fancied last year, who i met again today, and haven't stopped thinking about her since a Black Macbook...
This think is wheel kicking good, i went to john lewis just so i could stare at it, and wish i could hug her it.

In other news i'm making friends, my whole flat gets on pretty well, their are a few quiet people. We go to the movies, play pro, did i mention that they are all boys, yeah, i got screwed again.

Otherwise all is good at the moment, i got my Job back, and got to do a stock take, yip pee. I built a entire site called DownTime, which is getting a nice reception thus far, it's kinda like a community portal, where people can share and rate media, and chat in the community forums.

Enough plug'n, i'm off to chill to cool "soundz" before i head to bambuu bar, check for me on

Quote of the Day x1
Lester "I was looking in my wallet, and i found this girls driving license, i looked for her name in my phone, and it was there, but i don't remember ever meeting her!"

And everyone wondered why i loved it so much, classic stories like that of course.
Quote of the Day x2
Tunde "Do you believe in sex before marriage?"
Jay "Yeah, but that was different, before they had condoms and S*&%"
Me "But you know that church doesn't believe in contrapception, right, which sorta destroys your whole loophole"
Jay "Yeah, but it's still different"

Jay will try and have sex with pretty much anything that moves, nice guy thou.