Saturday, July 29, 2006

How, What, Why and prehaps even When

Blogger:- Someone who sits in front of their computer and does diddy squat, and then randomly posts about something.

Well, it's only a couple of months before i head off for the "sunny" shores of the south coast. Tell the truth, i'm excited, i'm not sure if it's the prospect of Drug influenced flat mates getting on with my course, but i really can't wait.

I got it all planned out, i think, Jokes, "in's", outfits, gags, drink preferences, party tricks, alternative names.

Anyways, i wanted to a have a final signoff with all my friends If your reading this chances are your my friend. I believe Underview is having a concert at indy jax, on the sept 9th, i should be out of here shortly after, so i think i'll make it my swan song, but then who said i can't have two parties...

Now if you excuse me i got to execute,


Quote of the Day
Tim said @ 5pm on a friday "I'm only just starting my daily work now"

Flash video isn't as easy as everyone makes out.

P.S. ECS rules do not apply to this page...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

To my IE Brethen

You might have noticed are alot of things are broke in your browser, well here's a shocker for you, i really don't care. Let me put it in C in case you don't understand

#include <stdio.h >

int userBrowser

switch (userBrowser){
case (1){
printf("Danger, Danger IE Detected /n");
case (2){
printf("Welcome Lynx user! /n");
/* How user access to */

return 0;

Also i got a new best pal, and no we don't hold hands, or hug when we hear music, We look at overpriced hamocks, and perfume on ebay instead. You can see her severely out of date blog/site/thing here

Quote of the Day
Ele "It's made by a no-name indie production company, i had to sign a contract that said i couldn't get any money later, and i wasn't allowed to speak, I know it sounds like a softcore porn movie, but's it not"

The devil's in the details...

Monday, July 24, 2006

One Day i'll be loaded...

"Firstly, I didn't buy this ticket. But if you have to spend 14 hours on a plane, this is the way to do it. Luxury 'cubicles', an entire hollywood and music back catalogue with noise-cancelling headphones and an a la carte menu - not to mention a proper vintage wine selection."

Course you didn't

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's really Hot

So hot in fact that i woke up at 5, after having to sleep downstairs. However it's better than it raining i guess.

Few things i can recommend to help pass the time

  • Aston Martin Rapide; Four door aston, besting looking car around

  • The C programming language; get your byte on

  • Apple Macbooks; where's my back to school deal mr. jobs?

  • Digg-mobile, shameless self promotion

In other random-ness
i write 6/7 programming languages now, this time last year i did 2.


In the next year i hope to bump it up and above 10 with
A little Ruby prehaps
and C# /.net

Now if i could just get french down...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Getting My C on

I bought a C book on wednesday night, it on here on friday morning. It's a pretty good book it's called "Absolute beginners Guide to Learning C". It's so Good that by Friday night i wrote my first C Program. What does it do i here you ask?

It works out how much i get paid, and how many hours i work. For any fellow code heads, check it out.

/*Time card Calulator
Jonathan Dalrymple
July 14th, 2006
#include <stdio.h>

/*Declare the varibles for each day*/
float monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday;
/*Declare the number of days worked*/
float daysInWeek;
/*Rate of pay*/
float rop;
/*New varible to handle the results of our calculations*/
float hoursWorked, payExpected;

printf("Welcome to Jon's Payroll program \n");
/*Get info from the user*/
printf("How many hours did you work on Monday? \n");
scanf("%f", & monday);

printf("How many hours did you work on Tuesday? \n");
scanf("%f", & tuesday);

printf("How many hours did you work on Wednesday? \n");
scanf("%f", & wednesday);

printf("How many hours did you work on Thursday? \n");
scanf("%f", & thursday);

printf("How many hours did you work on Friday? \n");
scanf("%f", & friday);

/*Get value to dvide by
printf("How many days did you work this week?");
scanf("%f", & daysInWeek);*/

/*How much was the user getting paid*/
printf("How much were you paid?\n");
scanf("%2f", & rop);

/*Do the math*/
hoursWorked = (monday + tuesday + wednesday + thursday + friday);
payExpected = (hoursWorked * rop);

/*Return the results*/
printf("You worked %2f %s",hoursWorked," Hours \n");
printf("You should get paid £%2f\n", payExpected);

return 0;

Really simple, works nicely too, eventually i 'port' it into a palm os app. But for now it's as is.

In the meantime, i'm going to watch the new series of Stargate SG-1, with it's weird babies that grow up in 30 seconds.

Digg for Treo's and other Mobile Devices

It's not exactly Web 2.0, but here's a version of Digg for mobile devices (appoximately a 5kB download), It's pure CSS and Javascript. It's perfect for Treo's and other devices with qvga or larger screens. Currently it's read only, so no digging on the move, but when the Digg API is released, expect it to get better.

But the best part is i made it ^_^, yes me, Jonathan

read more | digg story

Friday, July 07, 2006

Now if only i could do this

I'm not a massive fan of table tennis, but check this out

Quote of the Day
Youtube vids on, my site, i'm clearly joining the trend army, where's that web 2.0 design?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blogging about nothing

Random thoughts from my head to html, kinda like that stream of conscience thing, but better, and in a list...

  • Why don't terrorist cells buy a mac, and use final cut? Does pixelated video increase the fear factor; "These guys can't edit video, imagine what they could do with a 'insert weapon of choice'..."

  • G.W.B. is 60, so that makes me what, 50-ish, explains a few things

  • Do all women (under retirement age) in argentina fit in a size 10, go to the beach half naked, and speak english...

  • Tv is so boring, no Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Lost, Soprano's, all i've got to keep me going is Entourage...

  • I can't wait to go back university

  • I want a Macbook so bad

  • Big Brother is sadly the best thing on TV, bar the football

  • France will win, and i will continue to believe that zizou is the best footballer in the last 10/20 years

  • I really wanna go see some movies Superman pirates of the carribean etc, actually i'll sort that(no, i'm not going to download them)

Quote of the Day
"Where have you been the last couple of days, Prison?"

Disappearing for a few days and returning with no hair is not a recommended practice.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why O, Why, One of my favourite if not my absolute favourite websites. Recently they rolled out Digg version 3.0, now don't get me wrong, it's great and all, but what the hell. You have great website aimed at techie's that isn't a fluid layout. Now my blog, isn't the best design in the world, but it scales, in every browser, and takes up the browser real estate. However digg, with designers so much smarter than i decided to have a fixed layout, sure the old digg did too, but for some of us, Mac users, and other power users, full screen isn't really a popular option. Digg, please fix it!

In other less rant orientated news, the Reunion went well. We all went out, i learnt a new word, or at least a meaning for an old word, beanie (it's no 4). I got turned away at the door of the club, cause uni dropouts, carry fake student id's, what can i say. Also viki bailed on us, as expected, but thats fine, her time will come ...

In other less opinionated news, wait, there is none.
Quote of the Day
Me "There are some real good books here, check out this one on Electrical Rectifiers"

The full house has a good section of literature