Monday, May 28, 2007

Because i have time

Remember that facebook widget i spoke of?

Well it's actually in the oven, now and should be ready soon-ish, just have to work out how to communicate with the REST API that facebook uses, and i'm quids in.

Heres a screenshot of it running live in safari, and i built it based on a dashcode generate file, rather than actually using dashcode. Always more fun getting your hands dirty.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

2006/ 2007; A year in review.

Alas the academic year is at an end, so i thought i would look over my highlights for the year. Fortunately, for once there weren't too many down-ers, which makes a change. In the last year, i've "grown" as a person, changed a lot socially. One thing i've developed is an extremely are head, the sheer number of compliments i've started getting, is messing with my head, resulting in a chemical reaction, often known as "Big head syndrome".

So what did i like about this year?
  • Facebook!!!!
  • Jaimini
  • Cooking
  • Chasing Women * (Not as bad as it sounds, honest)
  • Strictly Exclusive
  • Ocean & Collins
  • Nokia E61
  • OS X
  • Java
  • Black Macbook
  • My Poster (you know the one ;) )
  • Chocolate Bourbons
  • Group Dinners
  • Tunde (Even if he's a waster)
  • Jai & Nick's Co*K Blocking
  • Eating Popcorn for dinner
  • Plagiarism ( I'm innocent )
  • Easter ;)
  • Luke, OG
  • Stupid Flat Games
  • PHP
  • Linux
  • Comic Life
  • Steph B.
  • That Monday at OC, well both actually.
  • A night in Portsmouth
  • Working with Schuster
  • Getting my Old Job, back on both counts
  • Stupid sleeping habits
  • Erykah Badu
  • Robin Thicke
  • Mos Def
  • Dave Chappelle ;)
  • My nickname, Lawman
What do i want to improve on for next year & beyond?
  • Chasing Women (what, they're first years, they need help...)
  • My Personal Cleanliness, mainly my room
  • Number of publicly available software projects (One is a joke for a software developer)
  • My relationship with God (not the best at the moment)
  • Income (could be better considering my skills)
  • Grades (Too much coasting!)
  • Language skills, 10 isn't enough, i need more
  • Language, ones that other people know, like spanish etc
  • general knowledge, i'm getting dumb
  • Electronics , don't get it twisted with software
  • act my age, yeah i'm 20 not 30 during the day and 14 at night.
  • Stop speaking like a LDN kid
  • Remove in'it from my vocabulary
  • Improve the jokes, (long time coming)
  • Start sleeping at normal times
Favourite moment of the year
  • Coming back to uni after dropping out, or geting my macbook
Biggest Waste of time
  • Pro Evo Tournaments at the SU
  • A Certain individual(s)
Most Rewarding use of time
  • Cooking Dinner for 6 of my friends and watching them devour it with gee
Most constructive use of time
  • Building Downtime in my first week back
Biggest waste of cash/p
  • That Remote control plane
Most shocking news
  • One of my best friends coming out
Favourite Quotes (aka Tunde's section)
  • "It's all, real stainless steel" Tunde
  • "TASTE!!" Tunde
  • "Fail" Anwar/ UMZ!!
  • "Mrs. Lawman" Jai, Nick, Lester and whoever else was there
  • "Lebanon is in africa" Tunde
  • "I sleep on my stomach, with both arms under me, with my hands between my legs" Jaimini
  • "I'm in the same place(diva) every week" Steph
  • "Wasteman"
Well i'm pretty tired now, so i'm gonna call it a day. But i must say, sitting here writing this list had be cracking up, and smiling the whole way. It's been a great year and to all my people, thanks for the good times, and God Willing we will have so many more next year.

Jonathan "Lawman" Dalrymple