Monday, May 30, 2005

What I'm not good at, I make up for in other things.

The day's at an end. I displayed my amazing football talents on my local field. Before that I dazzled myself with my HTML coding skills. I'm building a new site for my business. I have been for three weeks, its not easy, making the single page is fine, but then you got to validate it, and error check it, test it... I'm getting boring now, But you can see what the site will look like when its done. Trust me, its no mean feat.
Anyways moving away from all things geek, I actually have nothing to talk about today, cause for once I did diddilly squat, which was real good. I which more of my days could be like this, if only...
pity its so late now, could have taken the telescope out for a spin, oh well maybe tomorrow.
today's quote of the day was hard to get, especially as I've been in the same spot practically all day. So if its crap, well the sites title kinda says it all.

Quote of the day
"I just want a television, and that's just really for background, for loneliness; please make sure its got spankta-vision"

Mr. Adam Curry aka the Podfather, on today's DSC complaining about hotels

Sunday, May 29, 2005

The smartest Guy in da whole wide world

Ok, first off, big, big apology to practically all my friends all got spammed by me. The sharing of my creative works gets me slightly excited, when I get excited I screw up. The two are unfortunately linked, so if you ever wonder why I'm so boring, the danger of making mistakes is what drives me, along with large amounts of caffeine, and sugar.
When I repaired my first computer, I only screwed the hard drive in two the case in two places instead of the 4. And cause I was like 11, and weak, I didn't do it tight. One transatlantic, flight later my data was screwed. I say that to say this. Clever people do dumb things. Hear that Mr. S. Dickinson?
Anyway, enough apologizing, I writing this post for the second time, not cause I screwed up fortunately. Instead the benadryl curse got me. I was writing, and then I fell asleep, when I woke up, what I had written made no sense, so I here I am again.
anyways from now next Sunday, and onwards I'll "past posts", where with the aid of google maps, I'll fill in all the people who for some strange reason read stuff on this site, more information about my past. I think for next week I'll look at my time in Cornwall college more in depth, and tell you some of the legendary stories, like the light saber-esc fight, that was legend, in those parts(my words).

If your feeling low, check out this site...

Quote of the day
"It took me three attempts to attach the right file to an email... Scary, very scary"

Me confronting realism

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Back in the day

I was messing around with google maps today, and found a very cool sight. Many of know i use to live in Jamaica, well this is it, the town of Montego Bay. To the left of Clouds in the middle of the map, is the Acutal Town of Montego Bay, Its got a population of about 80,000 and is about the same size as St. Albans, It's the country's second city, the capital is Kingston. Above the central section of clouds is Sangster International Airport, Well slightly to the Right of that, about here is where i grew up basically. Its called Coral Gardens, and is a middle class/Upperclass suburb of the town. If you want an idea of scale, the airport's runway is about a mile long. I lived there for about 7 years, and went to two schools, one of which, Cornwall College, was in downtown Montego Bay.
I used to travel the 7 miles "appoximately", twice a day to get there, wasn't bad though. Oh and not to show off or anything, but the school was like one of the best government school's in the country, i studied 6 days a week, for almost 5 months to scrape the grades to get in. The school had a Football stadium, not a pitch, with a concrete stand, and when i was there we had the best team in western jamaica, and were in the top ten in the country. Here's a picture of my old Headmaster, He was ok, seriously, it was no easy job trying to control 1500 teenage boys, with an all female secondary school literary across the road.
Well i'm gald i could share that with all you, i only just found school's site after 4 years, so i'm gonna go through the pictures and see if i can find any of my old mates, might take me awhile considering the number of photo's, and that i haven't seen them in years.
The other bit of Big news for the day, is that i've completed the Crazy frog video, i said was in production, its called Crazy vs nuke, and has been sent to practically everyone i know.
Well thats about it, for yet another day, i might do another post like this next weekend, and explore another part of my life; aren't you the lucky ones. Cya later

Quote of the Day
Me "Guess what i did"
Dan "What?"
Me "I sent out the frog email to like 30 people and didn't attach the video"
Dan "Muppet"

Daniel commenting on my genius

Friday, May 27, 2005

Pub Trip; Uncut!

Hi everybody, wasn't the weather fantastic, Its still 21 degrees!!. Had a good day today, i did absolutely nothing(work related). The day started like every other day on the ranch. The wind was blowing though my hair and sun was beating down on the dry unreaped corn fields. I stared to the north, i dust trail was rising from the parched dirt trail, reality was on its way... So like i was saying, we all went on a mini road trip to a local drinking establishment, which if i'm honest i quite enjoyed. It also happened to be in the middle of nowhere. We chatted crap, as we do; drank, as they do; Insulted each other, as we do; good ol fashioned fun. Heard alot of quality insults, and was asked to show my nipples(strange but true}, but there wasn't a agreement with charlotte, so no game. We think it might be nice to take a road trip, just the 12 of us, we can make it if we try, just the 12 of us, you and i...

Big Brother 6, is offically full of freaks!!, Male Belly Dancers{Kamal} who like the movie sister act! aren't there laws against being that gay. Plus he uses the word "Fabulous", its marco x2!! The Black girl looks like she belongs in a snoop video, whoo, she might be in there sooner than i think, Eviction! ha ha ha and shes a drama queen. Lets play the whos a transexual game. Guesses anyone, cause i know there has to be one. It wouldn't be BB otherwise.

I'm making Nuclear cannon vs Crazy frog Video, going well, bar the stupid video program, but it should be nice once it's finsihed.
Finially to wrap up this great post(i wish), Here are some of the Professional Prom pics, don't ask how we got them, or why they look grainy, just know the we are highly skilled geeks, who also happen to be cheapo's, and hate paying for anything. Z photo's are provided by Dan's Blog/site, check it out.
Enjoy the weekend...

Quote of the day
Tasha "Jon, can we see your nipples"
Me "Umm ...Why?"
Tasha "We haven't seen black nipples before"

Where in the world is Jon?

Here, ha ha ha{strokes cat and twirls in big chair}
Sorry there wasn't an entry for you folks who seem hooked on my sad life of crap, losers, ha ha ha ha{strokes cat again}.
Seriously thou, ha ha ha ha, lol. I kinda came home and collapsed on my bed and was out from about 10 till 6 this morning. The sleep was good but I had this freaky dream, where I was running away from something along with loads of other people from sixth form, strange but true.
I would like to say a big thanks to Patrice{hitherto referred as the Gossip Queen), for thanking me, for placing a link here at rss. I still can't figure out how she found out so soon after the post, but your welcome. As you actually thanked me(rare in this great world of ours) I'll add your site to my links section, :). I imagine most of you wonder what is he on about, I "know" Patrice from the Keith and the Girl podcast.
Anywho its Friday, whooo, that hacker is still a loser, but I still want to meet him, Gary's a geek just like me{well I'm a bigger geek of course, ha ha}, Part one of the "D" quest is complete, I've got details, ha ha ha ha. And this little guys life rolls on slowly, happily{kinda} but surely.

Me"I'm real sorry about this, I don't mean to be bitch or anything, but we got an exam in like an hour and we need to cram so could you move?"
Charmaine "Well.. We've got a lesson in here now, so..."
Me "Ah, so no need for me to be a bitch then, bye"
Me making a fool out of myself, typical

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

If i had a million squid

Evening once again,
Fairly good day, Paid in a little cash at the bank, check out my balance, the case was heavy but i didn't know it was that much.
My two pence, on the Milan v Liverpool penalty Shoot out blog-live.
  • Serginho v Dudek: lol, loser

  • Hamann v Dida: Close...

  • Pirlo v Dudek: lol, bigger loser, took it like me, that ought to teach him

  • Cisse v Dida: Nice, very cool, next..

  • Tomasson v Dudek: what are you gonna do?... score, ok

  • Riise v Dida: Hammer, Hammer... so much for that, good save thou

  • Kaka v Dudek: Damn, world class brazilians

  • Smicer v Dida: Oh dear... impressive, i take it back vald

  • Shev v Dudek: Ha ha ha ha, Liverpool won the champions league, lol never thought i would say that.

  • Well that was certainly different, i thought liverpool were gonna get spanked, but hey its nice to have a european throphy back in the uk. Best final since the 2002 one when real play bayer leverkusen and zizou scored that volley. Gerrard deserves it alone, that will teach certain players in their mid 30's to do step overs, cough maldini, cough... Next season gonna be interesting, do the champions get in to the champions league?

    Anyway enough footie talk... arh yeah... I got the deal of the day in dixon's, i'm setting up a network for a "client" so i needed some stuff, low and below i come across one of these , in dixon's for 97p!! It was great especially as it kept the whole scheme under budget, which is always good. Well i've got an exam tomorrow, actually two, so i best get to bed now. Oh and before i forget, thanks to nicola for reply to my previous post, and well done liverpool.

    Quote of the Day
    "Oh well, that was a waste of time, 3 nil at half time, they'll never come back(switchs off TV)"

    My comments to myself at half time

    Tuesday, May 24, 2005


    Evening one and all.
    Nothing special to add tonight, just the usual:
  • The "D" quest goes on, i really need to sort it 2morrow

  • I made a ton of funny remarks(i wish)

  • I still hate that hacker kid

  • I might be going shopping, whooo

  • I'm still stupid, to a degree

  • Well on the upside, i would like every visitor to the blog to post a comment on this post as to what you think of me personally. If you don't know me, just make up sum bad stuff and call me what you will. Either way post to your hearts enjoyment. Good day to you all, cya later.

    Quote of the day
    "Where's my coat, any of you seen my coat... Oh yeah, i must of left it in the bin"
    Tasha's quest for her coat comes to an end.

    Monday, May 23, 2005

    Damn Hackers

    I would like to heap praise on the great year 10 kid who hacked the school network, and led to me not being able to do my English work at school and thereby wasting my entire day, thank you. Although in a weird, sort of fellow geek way, i think ur cool, but i still want to happy slap you for the pain i feel in my head right now.
    Concerning the weirdest party i've heard of, alot of crazy crap went down, i'm no gossip queen, so no great stories here, sorry. If you wondered if i did anything interesting, beyond chatting to people on the stairs, no... not really.
    Wasn't General studies fun everyone, multiple choice exams rule, i personally would like to see them take over, takes me back to my old days of primary school, arhh the good 'ol days.
    Well, as a warning stay away from me tomorrow as i got serious work to be getting on with, if i come in, proberly won't cause of a certain hacker(die, die, teach me before you die!!).
    The "D" saga goes on, its now almost a entire week now since i said i would do it. Gotta give some guys credit its not as easy as they make it look. If i get a yeah, i'll fill in the blanks, if its no... expect a few sucide posts, just kidding, love myself to much for that, unfortunately for those of you that may hate me, you'll just have to wait like everyone else.

    Finally i've been getting weird "vibes" lately from myself (its that damn elusive conscience again!), that i need to apologise, for anything i might have done to piss people off in the past(If mikes reading, no it wasn't me, honest). So one and all i'm sorry. What i'm saying sorry for, not quite sure, but if you remind me you can get a personally, individualized apology for only £9.95, for a limited time!!

    Till tomorrow, Bye bye

    Oh and heres a nice site i found for those of you who can't afford to go on a "proper" holiday this summer its called Google Sightseeing.

    Quote of the day
    "There were two parties, the one i went too and got depressed, and the one that everyone else went too and got laid"
    me refering to the weirdest party ever.

    Sunday, May 22, 2005

    YAP'ing (Yet Another Posting)

    Yet another day passes by. I would like to state that the previous post wasn't a drunk posting and In case Danny didn't get my txt, thanks.
    Been a strangely good weekend, had a great time at mikes on friday; poo p0rn is certainly weird to say the least. I actually, strangely enjoyed being serverely depressed in a weird sort of dopeamine influenced kinda way at Tasha's/Tara's party yesterday. And today well i found out about this program called Topstyle which does a nice job of coding CSS(its programing thing). Tomorrow comes the incredibley hard General studies exam. Nothing like an exam to make a day perfect.
    The outlawz return 2morrow...

    Quote of the day
    Hannah "What GCSE's are you doing?"
    Me "I'm 18"
    Hannah "Oh..."

    How stupid am i?

    Evening again people, this post is coming direct from my bed. Exciting isn't it.
    Spirits, girls, shy-ness/ stupidity and feelings don't mix! I screwed up another slew of chances, for one reason or another. How hard is it really to ask someone to sit down. Oh well, yet another night of frustraition, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh.
    I'm too tired to write any more, i'll finish the post tomorrow, cya

    Quote of the day
    "Ever been really close to something, but feel like your miles away?"

    Friday, May 20, 2005

    ACS Outlawz!!!!

    It's official Ladies and gents, I'm an outlaw. I was kicked out of the common room by our Beloved Mr. Beer for doing nothing in the common room. Got no hard feelings, but I would like to say thanks to sir for making me, Charlotte (tag along, mike) official ACS Outlawz!!
    Another bit of big news is my affection for a certain member of the sixth form has gone public, thanks to certain large mouthed individuals(I love you all), just in case you didn't hear, tough, ask me.
    I'll take the opportunity to apologize to Vicky/Viki/Victoria, what for, I'm not quite sure, but ok here it is "I'm sorry".
    I just got back from Mike's house were there was a little get together. Only 6 of us but it was good, till I felt overcome by dog alleges. The main theme of the convo's began as simple interest in a little thing called a Coffee enema. It soon mutated in to "POO p0rn". Which mike found some fairly interesting pics of on the net, sick, but interesting. Its real freaky to say the least.
    Well that about sums up my Friday, I wrote some lyrics, got bundled, embarrassed, fix a couple of comp's, got a swollen throat, and joked about weird types of p0rn, racism, and evasive procedures involving enema bags.
    Get well soon Phil, LOL, cya later all.

    Who's early now

    Quote of the Day
    Mike "The K.K.K. is sponsored by Persil, keeping coloureds from running"
    ME "Yeah, and the BNP is sponsored by Daz, Keeping Britain White"
    Mike and me sharing our political views.

    Thursday, May 19, 2005

    T.A.G. Finale

    The final T.A.G. Concert took place today, sad really I'm starting to get soppy in my old age; just works as a further reminder to the fact that all good times come to the end. :( Oh well, life goes on. D-day has been postponed until tomorrow, makes me sad but it should happen tomorrow.
    Me and Danny had a great time being American's up by the shops, and getting help from the locals. I got a psychology exam tomorrow which I'm not prepared for in any way shape or form, so I should ace it really. Just had a mini argument with my mum about the throwing away of pizza boxes, LOL, what a great family!
    I found this brilliant pic while walking the streets of Grovehill, I don't agree with it, my life's great at the minute, but I thought it accurately sums up what some people feel like (this was the great pic I spoke of yesterday) Cya all tomorrow.

    Quote of the Day
    "I've seen you around a couple of times, I've never really spoken to you, but I don't mean to be rude or anything; but are you Gay?"
    A Girl in Year 10 asking me about my sexual preferences, to clarify I'm straight.

    It's a sign!

    While surfing the web i found this picture, It comes from Microsoft's Xbox 360 booth at the E3 exibition in the US.

    Source: Engadget
    In case you don't recognize what that is behind the mesh, have a look here

    I'd rather live in H.E.M.E.L.:coming soon

    Big news today is the making of our music video, based on a 2pac song. Currently we are recuiting bitches & hoe's, and people with expensive cars (BMW's, Mercedes espcially SL's, Jags & Aston Martins prefered ) so drop us a line if your interested(via comments), and yes, i am serious.
    Today(thursday) should be my mini D-day, we'll have to wait and see if i take the metaphorical beach.
    Ah alas, i find myself at the end of another post, got a killer pic to post tomorrow, cya then.
    Quote of the day

    Chris"Who would you rather shag, your mum or your nan?" Gary"ummm"Me"personally i'd go for your mum, but that's my opinion
    Chris, Gary and me playing the classic "who would you rather shag"

    Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    This is gonna be interesting

    The end of yet another day, oh how time flies. My miniature secret is out, never tell anyone crap that you wanna keep quiet!! anywho I now presented with an interesting dilemma. The time is 10:43pm, the below picture is what I'm staring at currently.

    This is gonna be interesting In exactly 12 hours that needs to be turned into a full fledged English Literature Essay! This should make for a fairly interesting night. So your first question is Why didn't you do it earlier? Well I was fixing PC's , walking people home, teasing folk about possible career choices, putting my nipples on ice, Listening to 2 pac, and building websites (3 to be exact). Second Question would most likely be how long have you had to do it? ummm, a week :( And finally the third, can you do it? Yes we can, I think, sorta. I plan to work until about 12, might not be in for psychology, but we'll see.

    For those of you who are interested the 3 Next Gen Gaming consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have been released, The Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Revolution, plus a new Game Boy called the Gameboy Micro(trust me its nothing special). All links are from one of the best sites on the web, in my opinion Engadget.

    Currently I 've listened to a select list of about a dozen 2 pac songs almost non-stop for about a week, I think I might soon find my self trying to live de gd
    life while rollin in my Chevy impalla. Nigga's to the left and right, hating on me, put 2 caps in em then we'll see if the police can find me. Sorry about that, damn lyrics are in ma head, gonna have to fix it by listening to Moby and feeder.
    Thanks to Dan for his little bit of spam that he left, all comments are appreciated, even loser ones like this.

    Well won't you look at the time, I got an essay to write, thanks for reading and for those I know, I'll cya tomorrow, as for those I don't, umm, maybe I'll cya round, not.

    Quote of the day
    "I think, if I don't get in to University; I'll become Whore"

    Vicky/Viki/Victoria(she asked for change, here it is, best of 3!)

    Monday, May 16, 2005

    Yet another Monday

    Wazz up,always wanted do that, lol. Good day today, had a little general studies exam, which just focused on social issues, i got to use the word "intrinsic", which is always cool. Sorry if i sound like a geek but i just came up with a really good idea, which is fairly complicated but rocks if i get it to work! Incase your interested in what it is it would be called something like "distributed processed media encoding", to support my new project i'll be reopening my old rss site to be the projects HQ. Anywho enough geeky stuff.
    As usual i have plans afoot for more close to home changes, these shall be revealled shortly, i hope. Thanks to all the people who are now visiting , sorry that you can't read at school thanks to my "P0rn party post", lol. The post's a bit on the crap side tonight, mainly cause i'm tired and sort of stranglely excited all at the same time, and it was a pretty average day. Plus anyone ever have the situation where your mates with both halves of a couple and know each feels about the other but can't tell them cause you don't want to interfere? Isn't life fun.
    Oh and before i forget, ha ha ha, Man u fans, who got pwned now?

    Quote of the day
    "I'm gonna buy shares in Jenson Button," "Why? Do you think he's gonna win" "Nah, Cause he's cute"

    Clare and me playing sportdaq

    Sunday, May 15, 2005

    My take on the prom

    I was bored while watching match of the day so thanks to the hard work of Dan putting up the photo's on his site, i've posted my 2 cents on some of the photo's.

    Running on E..mpty

    I offically hate hayfever medicine. I've been drowsy all day long, and felt like someone left a tap on in my head. Anyway mike came over tonight, and we went fishing, both played pretty crap if we're honest, but HHE still pwn! If you don't get the post title its based on another 2 pac song, lol. Wanna say a big thanks to mike for lending me a slightly non-legit copy of the "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy". Which i'm gonna try to watch while watching match of day at the same time, should be interesting to say the least.
    Usual sunday for me at least, almost not worthy of a blog entry, but i would like to state that nichola's middle name is Josephine, ha ha ha ha ha. Now that i got that out of my system, time for the usual stuff.

    My quote of day
    "If you get an Alienware laptop, i'll clean your house"

    me refering to Dan's dreams of birthday presents

    Permission granted

    Mark granted me permission to post this interesting take on heterosexuality among certain sections of the public. Ladies and gents, without further ado, Mark
    He's coming out!!

    The P0rn Party (its not what you think!)

    Slow day today, didn't get up till 10 am, that was good. Relaxed, played a little pro (with some controversy, of course). Went to tasha's in the evening for a little get together. Got an incriminating picture of Mark in a bikini, which I'm contemplating about releasing to the public, :) The party was good-ish, lol, best bit was when tasha burnt her nose(long/short story, see quote). We talked about p0rn, mainly motivated by Dan & Bignall's desires for hardcore action, tut tut (I think they like people watching them, lol). Along with certain peoples weird sex life's, mars bars aside, I of course was strangely quiet, we discovered some "freaky" crap for, lack of a better word. Saw tasha's mum's dildo again, don't ask, this time we didn't play spin the dildo! Quite a few faces, pitty I've got to leave really, but oh well, uni here I come, once I revise!
    Before I forget I also found out that Viki's a Goth, or at least looks like one on her passport photo, and that Charlotte doesn't do black blokes(dam rumors always tend to be lies), and that no one has ever seen a black Goth, and finally I walked home with nic, again, she's good company, thanks :)

    Quote of the day
    {tasha}"I got a massive black mark on my nose!!" {me}"Yeah, welcome to my world"

    Tasha and me

    Saturday, May 14, 2005

    The trip and the aftermath

    This is my first Multi-positional post or "MPP",LOL

    -->From the Official ACS low rider(aka school bus)<--

    Good day really all, in all. Got a few pics click here to see them. Although I technically didn't sign the contract I rode on colossus, with my eyes closed the whole way. It wasn't that bad if l'm honest, but I still wouldn't do it again. Won a bear which I got plans for, in a straight legit sorta way.
    Pretty Knacked in all, wrote this on the bus by the way.

    -->In the supermarket<--

    I hate shopping!! Have a look at what we brought, not bad for two people is it. But before you think, wow, how fat are you? That's 2 months of food!!, last time we shopped before today was April 25!!!, seven weeks ago!

    -->Finally at home, in front of the blu-ray<--

    Listening to 2pac as usual, somethings never change. Its been a real crazy day, here's a outline
    7.00 am - woke up

    7.40 am - left for school

    8.30 am - Left school for Thorpe park

    9.30 am - got to Thorpe park

    4.00 pm - left Thorpe park

    6.30 pm - went shopping

    8.00 pm - finished shopping

    10.00 pm - went to robs party

    12.19 am - back @ home

    My highlights of the day are:
  • Watching tasha hold are stomach contents in while on vertigo(she failed!)

  • watch Chris waste 5 quid trying to win a spongebob

  • Riding colossus, it wasn't that bad, especially when you close your eyes

  • Trying to discover why I'm a legend

  • walking home with Nicola, Thanks for the listening ear, LOL

  • Well I gotta go finish unpacking the shopping now, as goes my new routine below is the quote of the day

    "How many have you had? Double figures, right? Never mind me, tashas touching three figures!, yeah and I know two of them, heck four!"

    Chris & Michael

    Thursday, May 12, 2005

    The Good Life

    My new 2 pac favourite. This post is coming to you "live" from my walk home well sort of i started writing but by the time i'd finished i was already home. Nice sunny day, if the weather's ok i might go out star gazing later. Didn't write my essay so my teacher might be pissed, but i should have the goods for her by monday. Me and the rest of the sixth form are going to thrope Park tomorrow, which is good, but bad in a way, complicated my life is. I think i might be getting addicted to bloggin, whoo legal addiction,lol. Cya

    Today's Quote:
    "I might be going somewhere tonight, but i'm not sure where, and i'm not sure if i'll actually go"

    The walk
    Me walking, i tend to walk everywhere.

    Wednesday, May 11, 2005

    It's Wednesday aka mid-week!!

    Well the most hellish part of the week is done. Buried my uncle's mother(at a funeral!!) yesterday, and met up with my cousins which is always good. My brother came too. Got a few essays to write for wendesday. Also discovered my first exam is on Monday, whooo, go general studies!! Plus I saw some of my prom photo's, which was interesting, there's one I especially like, LOL. But in the rest I look like a I'm wasted, which I wasn't. I'm also thinking of start a podcast with my mates about footie, but I'm not sure how popular it might be. Also I'm gonna launch the new DE site soon hopefully. I think I might start doing a new thing, my quote of the day( I literary came up with it as I was typing, LOL). Today's quote is

    I wonder if blokes ever get curious about what it taste like? Ask mike, I heard he's tasted it.
    Nicole and Charlotte

    heres a pic of the view from my Uncle's Mum's house.

    Grand Aunt Liz's view

    Sunday, May 08, 2005

    Any given sunday

    So google gets hacked, i learn how to hand code HTML from scratch in notepad after almost 6 years of website building, lol.
    ;I discover Adam Curry almost had his powerbook jacked by a couple of east London kids, a couple months ago. One of them actually asks

    Who's your ipod made by?
    ; Labour wins the election again, and this labour voter now lives in a tory seat, life gets better. And to round it all off i get my first bsod(blue screen of death)ever, i think, on win XP! But i still wanna get a mac, lol.
    Back 2 skool in the morning,
    podcasting on the mind, and my mind on podcasting.....where can i store a 10mb file for free? If only.. If only

    Saturday, May 07, 2005

    Prom: post mortem

    If i'm completely honest it was a good night. Boring in bits but good overall. My plan(s) failed sort of, but hey life goes on, and a word of advice, never drink a shot of straight Gin if you like having feeling in your mouth. My highlights:
    *The party bus(plasma screen and ps2)
    *Hanging with *@€¥£
    *YR 13 picture
    *Meeting my name sake
    *The drive home,lol
    *writing this entry while listening to 2Pac and usher
    Either way, l would like to say that *@€¥£ looked 'hot' for the lack of a better word,(beautiful sounds too gay) and although it was short notice i'll be your date again any day, bar sunday. Well its like 1.39am so i'm gonna go cya later.

    Friday, May 06, 2005

    Prom nite

    Its the 6th form prom 2night, got a few little plans 4 the nite, but we'll see how things go. If anyones interested, i'm not wearing a white suit, in fact its a kinda black with grey pinstripes. Should be good hopefully. I might write a couple lines and post them on the blog if can get the mobile blog setup working. I'm starting to realise that although i have like zero readers, i kinda actually actually enjoy this blogging thing, if only i had something interesting to chat about.

    Wednesday, May 04, 2005

    The apprentice, again

    My lovely mum's has convinced me to apply for the show, personally i'm not super kean, but then how many 18 year olds run 2 business, so i'll give it try, but i might have to turn it down if i wanna go to uni, lol. you can apply too, if you really want to here but just remember that i'm like a genius and totally pwn at all games, lol (i'm really not that up my self).

    The apprentice

    Oooo its so exciting i kinda want tim to win. Here's my blow by blow analysis:
    5 Quid for a glass southern comfort. (21:25)
    i Love paul and saira, lol "ur a bi#*h, ur a to**-pot''. Really i do!!(21:38)
    no tickets, lol!!(21:40)
    Selling tickets to students, hah they've all got no money, lol. (21:42)
    25 quid for a harley, lol.(21:45)
    Bike vs fit women, decisions(21:46)
    I love this show sooo much!
    Tim's long term thing is real good(21:53)
    Arse kissing time (21:55)
    er can i have ur number sir alan?(21:56)
    That music, yet again hearts pumping. The call!! (21:57)
    Tim got the job!! He pwn's!(22:00)

    This show pwn's lol, gd luck tim!

    The contract

    Apprently l've been contracted to ride at least one "crazed" ride at our last outing as a 6th form. Oh well. 2 days to prom, um plans a foot? Prephaps.....

    Monday, May 02, 2005

    1, 2 , 1, 2

    Just testing out email blogging from my clie. Hopefully it works.