Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coming to Alderaan

My favourite Youtube video of the year, enjoy

Introducing JGrid 0.01: Simple inline Table Editing

Introducing Jgrid.

Basically i got fed up of the sheer amount of configuring that was required by most inline data grid editing systems. And because programmers are lazy, and big headed, i wrote my own.

Currently it's very rough around the edges, and i would imagine it's got a few bugs. Not to mention all the console/debuging code still in place. But i am releasing more for feedback purposes.

I'm always looking to improve my development practices, so please tell me what you think.

Jgrid was built on top of jquery, and is a jquery plugin. I've built it using jquery 1.2.3, which is included in the release package below. A Documentation document (PDF/ODF) is also included as well as a basic html page, which draws data from a database, [HINT: it will break when you run it on your machine!], i plan to update in version 0.02 when i have more than a single callback.