Monday, August 28, 2006

Wine isn't that bad

No, this isn't about some alcholic adventure that i had over the weekend however i hear those maybe back in fashion with me heading back to uni. In fact this one is about my continuing journeys with Ubuntu Linux. Now first off i have the coolest desktop around, it spins, ripples, rotates, tints.

What we have here is Handhand basic, with the palm os Emulator for the Palm TX running natively in linux, with zero hacking. The only problem, is that the api call made by Handhand basic, for the fonts in the app preview pane, is unsupported by wine, so the fonts are screwed up some what. Otherwise it's kinda sweet. It compiles, and does all the things you expect, as for the emulator just works, rotates and does all the shiny stuff.

In non 1337 news, i return to university on the 23rd of september, i will have a little get together, hopefully even get Ele to come along,(how exactly that will work is another issue). Till then i'll send out E-invites :)

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Return of the MAC

This isn't so much for you guys as it is for the people/devs in the 1 src forums, but this is how i roll develop my apps.

What your looking at is my Sweet XGL Ubuntu Linux twinview Desktop (I like adjectives). On the left side is VMware running Windows XP Pro, inside VMware is HB++, my palm dev IDE of choice. On the right side is the documentation running in swiftfox, an AMD athlon xp optimized version of firefox for nix.

The Real purpose, of this is to show my new application "MAC" which stands for Musical Alarm Clock. It's very early beta, but i wanted a name, so name away.

Quote of the Day
"It was like they just lifted the 13 quid off me the minute i walked through the door, it's the perfect crime, i had no recourse!"

Don't see Miami Vice, no matter how cheap you are the cost!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

College Dropout...

And they said idolizing musical artists is bad for young people, didn't hurt me...

Quote of the Day
Looks at dual 19" monitors, Two PDA's, Two SE Phones, 5.1 Speakers, stacks of CD's...
"I got too much stuff"

Ebay anyone...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

One of those days

This one of those few times, when i can sit down and say, i had a good day. Mainly because the blane of my existance for the last couple months, the DTF redesign got the nod from the general managers. By the way, never leave for a meeting without making sure the site actually loads first. Anyways that was great.

In another news i've fallen in love with a Comedy/Drama Called "Weeds" which comes on skyone, check it out, i'm burning a copy of season one for a friend.

I've also finished learning C, now and i'm moving onto Java, which i've done a little of, already this week. The Gung Ho learning starts next week.

Plus I've got photos from my Brothers wedding, i did create a site just for them, however these aren't exact professional shots, just some nice ones taken on the 750.
Nothing Like a Sun Flower
In the Limo on the way to the Reception
From the otherside of the ribon
My Mum worked for two days to get all the flowers done, but compared to what other members of the family did it pales into nothing-ness.
Blue Roses?
The Church where they got married, thats my cousin Helen, who was the offical photographer
My Brother, and my new Sister in-law, Tamara, the Brides step mother's head, and the cheif brides maid's head, Elair(E-lie-la)

Quote of the Day
Ele "I didn't have a boyfriend for like a year, and then my mum just asked me if i was a Lesbian, because if i was she was ok with that."

It's always nice to have the support of your parents no matter the issue or circumstance.

Alternative Quote
Dave "Stacy doesn't mind if i play games, she just goes and plays Need for speed"
Me "Where do you find these girls?"
Dave "I don't know they just flock to me"

Uncool cats need not apply in daves world, party on, excellent...

Friday, August 11, 2006

All nighter

At the moment it's something to4 in the morning. I've been up for about 21 hours. Currently we're in the flower market in vauxhall. I got some pics to boot.

So far i've eaten some great BBQ chicken. Had a arguement with my brother about crap,
Not slept.
Tried and failed to loop through putting values in a grid object.
And now we get to buy flowers.

fun fun fun

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Wedding Photos, 1st set

For those of you who are big on wedding photos, here are a couple (Three actually). All taken on my "new" SE k750i.

The Freshly married couple posing for pictures with friends. The Bride is my Cousin CollettMy grandfathers, sisters, daughters, daughter, they took the pics at a place called Coombe wood. The Groom is steven.

This is at the reception, As you can see the "top table"; featuring my cousins sister, Colleen; My Uncle Cleveland and Aunt Norma. Plus the best man and the grooms mother.

Lastly, Cake cutting time. Not bad pics for a phone.

Expect more on this theme, as my brothers wedding comes next week. Plus i'll throw up the rest of this photos on Flickr, for any of you crazy wedding=clock ticking people.

Quote of the Day
My Dad "How old are you now?"
Me "19"
My Dad "Oh, i thought you were 17"

An example of perfect parenting

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I found what i want for christmas

Now where to get $300k from ...

Donate va Paypal

Treating my friends better

As an introverted person i tend to treat those around like crap, at least in my opinion. I spend a little to much time with my beloved PC Blu-ray or Blu-buntu, Depends who ur asking, trying to work out how exactly a stream socket connection works, rather than getting pissed down at the pub, not that i associate drunkness with friendship.

My point is, that i kind of hide myself away, buried beneath my work (self-imposed or not). I would like to apologise to all of my friends if they ever thought i wasn't very "friend" like. I imagine that most of everybody will wonder what i'm on Poppers and LSD, but this sort of just came in to my mind.

Plus this wouldn't be a sterotypical blog without me whining about some sort mental, and personal issue...

So that is basically a "in" to say invite me to every party going, cause i'm a crazy nergo, who's wild and exciting, thanks to those of you who have pretty much always been there for me , with or without knowing it.


Also i found this post in my archives, i thought i ought to update it...

Taken on my ebayed k750i

Now if you excuse me, i must dash to bed, i have my cousins wedding to goto tomorrow.
This post has been rated R; Raving nutter of a programmer

Quote of the Day
"We better stop talking about bombs, before someone gets the wrong idea"

Tim and i often drift a little off topic...