Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Crazy Durex Advertisement

For those of you with active sex socal lifes, heres a little reminder from durex.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Who is Chris Wade?

Me and dave have wondered for a while if Phil's older brother Chris is in fact some sort of mega-rich tech wiz. This is based on the fact that he spends more time in his room than even i do, and that takes some doing! So before i went to bed tonight i decided to google him. heres a couple of screen shots of what i found, you can make up your own mind...
(Get firefox before i have to come to your house to clean spyware off you PC!)

Is Phil's family's obession with Dell computers just consumer choice or is part of Chris aka Michael Dell plan to take over the world!

Quote of the Day
"It's a nice case, made from aluminium(alu-min-num)"

The american-isms continue

Funny mock up of Windows

An environment in which you actually laugh at the flaws of windows instead of wanting to hurt something.(Don't get linux, get Mac!)

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Technology Explained, kinda...

I read alot of hardware reviews and articles. After pages of plain text it's nice to come across something that explains technology in a sightly more simple way :), Check it out

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

New series: My Top Ten's

Good day folks, as my new weekly series of content, I've decided to do my top ten. Top Ten of what? Just about anything people, things, words. This week is for the more masculine and petrol heads among us. I'll admit first off I know very little about cars, Yes Jon doesn't know everything :(
So here it is, My top ten cars, organised by if I had tones of cash which ones, I would actually think about buying.

  1. BMW 745
    : My dream car, I actually carry pictures of this on my Clie, I don't like the new 2005 model, but this car is what I would want. I know there are bigger engines, but this is the actual model I would buy. List Price £60,000
  2. Mercedes Benz SL-55 AMG: It's a nice looking car, what more can I say, real expensive too, but cheap compared to other stuff in its class. The 2005 version looks even better. List Price £110,000
  3. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti The only ferrari for me. If your gonna pay so much damn money at least travel in style, screw the whole "no carpets" for the sake of performance thing, I want a ferrari that looks like a ferrari inside and out. List Price £177,000
  4. Mercedes Mclaren SLR: I'm sure you were all like, "so no super cars in the top ten?", just one and it's real super. List price £314,000
  5. Aston Martin DB9: It's an Aston Martin, what more Ian i say, Bar the names Jon, Genius Jon List price: £120,000
  6. Mercedes Benz E Class: i like the whole dam range!Starts @ £27,000.
  7. Mazda Rx8suicide doors, cool rotating engine things Starts @ £17,000.
  8. Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch: It looks cool, and it's fairly cheap Starts @ £12,000
  9. VW Golf GTI: It's compact and sporty (i'm not gay, notice no Ford KA's here, ur ok Char!)
  10. Mitevolutionvoultion VI: No tuned cars all list, so this one had to get thrown into the mix, i'll take two superchargers and a phat exhaust please! List price £14,000

Friday, July 22, 2005

We had a lan!

Finally I got to go to a Lan party. It was good we gamed, but I got a headache and dropped out early on. But it was a lot of fun. I've posted the all the pics over on the Clan blog. I've written a long post there and I can't be bothered to write another one here. Till another day take care.

Quote of the Day
Me "Any ideas about the router (row-ter) password"
Dave "You tried no password?"
Me ""
clears password field, press enter feels real stupid.

Never rule out anything when dealing with computers no matter how smart you think you may be!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Counter-Terrorists Win!

Those people who said that CS was boring lie!! Especially when you play it real life. Fully equipped with BB guns, myself, George, Punisher(aka Dave) and Phil turn a "small" home in grovehill in to "cs_dust". Fun, oh yes nothing like shooting your mates. Anyways our game was unfortunately cut short, when my biggest fan hurt herself. As a consequence, The server admin(Phil) decided that FF was to big a risk and called it quits. :( But we're going again today!! So maybe we can get our CS on.
Lets see, what else was I gonna talk about, George wondered what my PC's (that I build not blu-ray) looked like so I thought I would post a pic of my personal favourite.

Nice don't you think, its only 20 CM wide, 30 cm deep and 20cm high, about the size of a shoebox I always say(don't worry I'm not gonna start plugging my products on my blog!). You can click the picture to find out how much it will cost ya, but I'll tell you now its not cheap, and no I'm gonna talk margins no matter how much you ask.
Some of you might have heard me talk about the Purepwnage series, Its getting bigger slowly as in more famous, cool & funny stuff,(see a clip here) it's great so check it out.
Well that's about it for now, Dave will be round to get me soon, as we're gonna go shot each other hopefully later. If phil's reading this "no one has too know :)"

Quote of the Day
My Mum "Did I embarrass you when I called you"
Me "why would that embarrass me"
my mum "well I thought afterwards that you might be embarrassed"

My mum showing her brilliant skills of forethought, love ya mum!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Ever had that sinking feeling

Right, so remember i had that fantastic idea(which i never told anyone) and so i registered some domain names. Well my podcast idol, Mr. Curry, sorta upended me. I'll give no more details but i'm somewhat bitter, however i kinda knew it was coming. But i think our ideas differ ever so slightly so i might still be able to co-exisit with adam, i think the net is big enough for the both of us.
Anyways i made my appearance at at school today, i think i'll have to spend tons of time at home again to come with fresh ideas that Mr. Curry won't explore with his creative geinus.
So where was i yes, Dennis is really smooth at proposing memo to self, don't watch eastenders while blogging. Anyways Jason asked me to post this picture that the lads managed to snap in one of those crazy "pank" filled moments.

What else i got another story on the Digg front page which was cool, strangely my account now says "4" instead of 3, but its all good. Anyways over the next week i'm gonna be very busy, i gotta learn either ASP(active server pages), JavaScript or PHP(php: hypertext preprocessor), Fun, no, interesting, no, good for my CV, sort of, why are you doing it, cause i can.]
Till tomorrow Rock on people, oh and what the hell i do you folks want me to write about on sunday? Leave a comment.

Quote of the Day
Mrs. Miller "Are you having sex with him?(him being the father of her couple month old, baby girl)"

Eastenders, gone mad

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Noob Hat

Evening folks, to your right is Mike in the noob hat. Almost cute isn't it? Anyways got quite a few pictures to share with you all. But first i would like to give dan his honourary link. He has decided to start his own blog. 5 posts so far so keep it up my friend. On the issue of posts i'm on my 89th! I think i'll do something special for my 100th baby pictures maybe, or something of that type.
Anyways back to the pics, I spent most of the day with Big T aka trunley and mike. so here's another photo of me aiming
an assasalt rifle at his head while he was playing COD. We talked about the clan and stuff and the defunct server, which i have now fixed and is running away hosting TDM matches, with no "punkbuster", but oh well i'll fix it. Final photo is related to last thursday's terror attacks. This is the turning for Edgeware road tube station. As you can see its all boarded up and police are everywhere. I saw a couple of bomb sniffer dogs while i was down there too. Well thats about all my photos. Any of my users with firefox can now enjoy the blog like its meant to, one single line of code was messing it up, simple but its fixed now so thats good. Also i got my second story on the digg front page. Instead of people dying this was about some new features in microsoft's "new" operating system codenamed "Longhorn" but will eventually be known to the greater public as "windows" it should come out next year sometime, however it was meant to be out about three years ago, so hey you never know. Well thats about it, so till next post cya all later.

Quote of the Day
Dave "Do you know what your supposed to do if a workmate gets in contact with the {power}lines?"
Me "...Push them off"
Dave "The offical proceedure calls for you to jump kick them with both feet, off the ground, away from active line."

So thats why dave works for a power company

Monday, July 11, 2005

Computing, Old Skool

I love digg so much because of stuff like this. When I was about 6-ish my family got its first computer. We got one cause my mum taught typing and so advanced word processing was where it was at in 1994. Anyways this PC was an Amstrad, one of these infact.
Old skool komp
My brother loved that PC, he programmed pong(he didn't invent it just complied it on our system) this bomber game and some other stuff. We thought that it was cool until our aunt came to live with us. She was doing an computer engineering degree and had one of these, a Commodore.
Old skool komp 2
We never got to use cause she was worried that we would delete all her work, but we just used it sometimes when she was out :) What was really cool for me to see is that our first PC and my aunts had 4mhz and 7mhz of processing power respectively. Blu-ray kicks out 2023mhz!, in fact my Clie kicks out 200mhz! So its amazing to see how much the world has changed in a decade, imagine all the stuff by the next decade, kinda scary, but I thought I would share that bit of past info with you folk.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

If you don't like september 11th jokes, look away now!

One of my new favourite sites is Fark. Often times they have theme based photoshop contests. Todays was "How would your life change, if your favourite moive prop exstisted. One guy submitted this one...
what if?

Incase you don't recognise it, it's a photo of a man at the top of the World Trade Center the Millemium Falcon has replaced the 757 airline that was orginally there

Different, no?

Evening folks, as you can see the site looks a little different now. This little change took me a while but it lets me show off the beauty of Jupiter. Plus as a aspiring "web designer" its important to try and show off your skills. If any of you are clever enough to use the best web browser in the world, Firefox, my apologies for the poor layout issues I'm try to sort it, honest. I'll be tweaking the site over the next few days till I get it perfect :)
Well as I haven't been to a new school in the last week, therefore no "past post" this week. So I haven't really got much to share but I did have some ideas.
  • The handful of people I've fancied
  • My fight history
  • My two cents on any given topic aka "a rant"
  • Tech talk(an excuse to geek out)
  • Suggestions?

Well that's it pretty much, leave comments on how you like the new design of the site, if you hate that's fine, just never bring you virus infected browser here again just say and I'll consider your opinion.
Also a special paragraph to my biggest fan(yes, I have fans, I was shocked too), Trudi, so I spent a little time and removed the Red eye from this wonderful photo, to say, Thanks, for reading this perpetual load of crap on a almost daily basis. (So if your eye colors are off, but hey I'm still young on the photoshop skills, there's always time to learn)

So thanks Trudi and I hope you continue to mind your own business read, and I continue to give you a reason to come back (yes phil, i know your in the picture, and yes you are a legend, but its Trudi's time in the spotlight :))
Well folks until the next time something interesting happens in my life You might wanna not visit for a while , take care

Quote of the Day
"This is bill, he's a protester removal specialist"

Amazing what you can do for a living nowadays

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Westwood!! Pimped my ride, Holla

Ok, confessions time. I secretly like Mtv's Pimp my ride. Big "Rims", "Phat" speakers, and "tight" interiors. Yeah I'm a closet modder, I admit it. Anyways ages ago I heard that there was a UK version hosted by Gangster "officialnaldo" Tim "Big dawg" Westwood. But I never saw or heard anything more after that rumour. Well surfing the wonderful web today I found that in fact it did exist! I still think Westwood is a "neek"(check out urban dictionary) and can never be as good a host as Xibit, but hey who cares its the cars not the presenters.

Anyways you should all be wondering who that lady is in my last post. Say hello to Mamie Van Doran, Actress, and general Celeb, Born February 6th, 1931 as Joan Lucille Olander. No she's not dead, she's 74 and that photo was taken in May this year! She used to go out with Howard Hughes! Here's a couple of links about the lady
Her movie/stage career
Her personal webpage
That interesting bit of info comes to thanks to you via Keith and the girl, check it out.
So folks there's hope for us all, I hope I don't look like that when I'm her age. DD tits on a man, I shudder to think.

It was nice to finally leave my house after 4 days, and I get to it again tomorrow, oh and beer tastes like piss, so all you little kids looking for P0rn while your parents are out, listen to me now, Beer isn't all that however, if you add a little sugar and ... it tastes like piss End of Story! Anyways Taras party was gd i hope Chris' will be great too, cya later everyone, and thank you for visiting.

Quote of the Day
Ben "so why you not trying to get any of these hot girls"
Me "Some people think I'm gay"
Ben "Hey man that's all good what ever you gotta do, I'm cool"
{leans away from me and look quizzically at me}
Me "I'm just joking, I'm straight"
Ben "Nah its cool I'm ok with that, be yourself"

I hate drunks sometimes, Ben, an acquaintance of michelle, now thinks I'm gay, What do people want, sex on the dance floor(staight sex that is!)?

Friday, July 08, 2005

Guessing games

Ok not a normal post, for me at least, but hey i want you to guess how old this lady is.

Have a good guess and leave it in the comments

Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's all Good(well almost)

In case anyone who actually knows me wondered. My Mum and Brother are good and safe. I wasn't really worried as they work pretty far from where the incidents took place(North London & East London respectively). So thanks for your concern. I hope anyone else whos could friends and relatives in the area are ok too.

My heart goes out to my brother who is gonna have "fun" getting home with no Tubes and possibly no Buses.

Also "my Story" (below) made the digg front page. Sad that i had to get my first digg story with such a sad event. My condolences to all who have lost friends and family members in todays incidents.
Take care till later.

Bomb Atttack in London?

Don't know much, just switched on the TV, London tube system as apprently been shut down.Two tubes have crashed, A Bomb has blown up a bus, thats about all i know. Link goes to BBC. I don't know if it was a terrorist attack, but we'll see.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Amazing how cool things get boring real quick

Right i'm offically bored. Sure i got my lovely 19" but i now realize that monitors are actually quite boring things. Most sites look pretty plain maximized, Games are cool, but to much to fast gets boring real quick. I had planned to watch Star Wars Episode 3 but i accidently reset my pc while downloading. So i only break the law once a day gave up. Anyways on a good note i completed my Verisys site today. Its looks nice minus all the damn adverts, but hey its free. Anyways a few days i bought my first pair of domain names which are & Theres nothing there yet, but hopefully there will be in 2 to 4 months soon. If your wondering what they are for you'll find out when the site(s) go live. So don't bother to ask cause i'm not talking(if your wondering, yes, i am doing that annoying thing where people tell you just enough information to peak your interest, not not enough for you to understand the story)
Anyways any recommendations for what i can do with my new toy. I'm already teaching myself ASP, javascript & PHP(programing languages). Plus i can't bother with the whole pirate scene, in fact a Job would be nice around now, SXGA resolution comes in handy for that actually, gonna have to try that one.

Anyways i spend the day by myself as usual so i'll leave a link of the day Unless you guys really wanna hear my thoughts

This link will be of importance you know anyone with an ichav/chavpod

Link of the Day
As Errol Rose made preparations on Monday to bury his 15-year-old son, Christopher, who was killed last week in Brooklyn during a fight over an iPod, he received a telephone call from a stranger. The man spoke in tones that the grieving father said had momentarily quieted his anguish.


And the winner is LONDON

LONDON has won the right to host the Olympic Games in 2012 after what has been described as one of the closest battles ever for the Games.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Trading up

Remember my comments about my new baby coming. Well its here and its beautiful. Ever watch those Make over shows, well heres my version.

I went from
<---this to this ---V.
Crazy no, Sweet Yes, 19"s of pixelated goodness.
Gotta love that fresh plastic smell.
This thing is soooo big, i think it same size as my TV. Anyway i'm gonna test COD on it now so i'll check back later.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Xbox Live captures kid's chocolate-milk induced tantrum

Xbox Live can be a haven for profanity, this time the insults weren't directed towards the opposing players, but to one player's own mother. Nothing ruins a death-match like a whiney, chocolate-milk craving tween. 6.6 MB Zipped WMV

This is why our parents sometimes treat us like crap

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Part 5(might be 6): The Last bastion aka The ACS years (all two)

So the end of the series. *focus* Right so i had moved to Hemel a whole year before i started at ACS. In that year before i, met mike & josh, so in fact it could be argued that hes one of my oldest mates. They were the only people i knew who went to Astley, there was paul too actually. Anyways My mum actually wanted me to go to Watford Grammer in Watford of all places. But after Astley i had grown to like non "my arse is in the air" places, plus if i had to commute another 5 seconds i would lose my mind. So i went for a little interview with the legend that is Mr. Beer. He told me the usual lies, "bullying doesn't happened here", "We ensure that race isn't an issue", "we're a constantly improving school" etc. Anyways i looked around the place and thought wow this place looks fairly interesting, and cool, ok. So then sir told me that there was a 6th form induction day. Ok i get to meet some people, the first day me had a certain teacher who shall remain unamed who moaned about a certain group of people being late back from lunch. It was also the first and last day i walked home for lunch, you just can't do a 3 mile round trip in 50 minutes.
Anyways the people i sat with on that first day, in case you've forgot were, Mark, Phil, Daniel, and Vass(it's two "s"s right?). There was another bloke who started with me called chris(not hillsy) who failed to get the grades to get in ,How did he do that?. There were a bunch of other folks there too(you know who you were). Anyways i tried to look fairly cool as you do, after that we did some team games, and stuff and that was it. Now heres a confession, i've told some of ya but not everone. On my way home after that first day, i wrote down all your names in my organiser along with a brief description so i could remember you all several months later. Some like this...
  • Vass- Tall and Ginger
  • Mark- My height with Beard

Anyways then there was my first day, i studied my list, and pretended to magically remember everyones name(sorry my memory is really crap, i sometimes forget how to spell my own name). I did my thing and tried my best to fit and it was working slowly. What really helped it was Mike deciding to come back, its always easier to get along with people when you got at least one person that knows everyone else unless its party cause then it just doesn't work as well. I got vivid memories of most of that first term. Sue's laughing, scared me at first, but i got used to it. The strangest thing about that entire year was that i never spoke to charlotte once i think. Thou to her credit she wasn't there for the whole year. anyways how i love her(like friend who makes blowjob mock ups). Anyway if i keep up at this rate i'll go on for ages which is never a good thing.
My best bits(no funny stuff!) or at least the most memorable
  • Sam losing her phone on our first consortium trip
  • Phils first "6th form" house party
  • Everyone thinking that i was from Africa, i still laugh about that one
  • My failed BBQ
  • Going to History with Stewart D(Legend)
  • Waxing Chris for his Birthday
  • Meeting all the current year 12's(boy was i tired that day)
  • Playing Football for the school(1 apperance, lol)
  • Playing footie at lunch with the old yr13's and new yr 12's
  • Having Viki/Vicky/Victora Throw-up on my hand, then wanna dance
  • Hanging out with Clare on Prom nite
  • Going to Thorpe Park both times
  • The mish round grovehill when chris was "courting" fay
  • Mark's non-eventful fight with youssef
  • Watching Blake hack the school systems
  • Calling Carly's dad a "Strange guy" by accident
  • Mr. Adams
  • Watching Phil Carry bingall on his back
  • Playing pool around Tiff's(i won the first game, never won since)
  • Listening my first 2pac album(all eyez on me)
  • Getting Flashed(don't ask who)
  • The night shell went crazy
  • The Poo P0rn Party
  • My english trip to London(i got us lost, lol)
  • Getting lost in Grovehill(2 twice at last count)
  • Seeing some yr12's on the telly one saturday
  • My walks home with a number of people; Sam, Nic, Hanna, Tiff, Danny & Viki
  • Getting told i'm white
  • That shot of Gin at the prom(never again)
  • Watching mike play football drunk

Ok that was alot points and there some that i would like to mention but can't Don't you just hate when that happens. Well to everyone i met and got to know over the last 2 years thanks for the memories, the laughs, the free drinks, vomit, flashings, peer pressure, drinking advice, straight gins, Foundation, good times, violent beatings, social advice, dating advice(it sucked or at least my implementation did, but thanxs) and free bus rides. I don't intend on moving so hopefully we can all stay in contact, however if you do hate my guts please feel free to leave a comment below :)

The best Quotes from my time ACS
Me "What do you think of her"
Mike "I would banger her, shes got massive boobs"
"OK, i thought you would say that"
Some golden words from a Drunken mike

Viki "Who do you Fancy?"
Me "i'm not saying"
Viki "How do you behave when your around her"
Me "Like ice"
I'm gonna miss mind games...

Can't remember who "You listen to 2pac"
me "yeah, so"
"Hey everyone jon listens to black people music!"
The stereotype broken

Charlotte "Jon seriously, you need to get laid"
"You busy tonight?"
Charlotte giving me useless advice

Paul "You going to Gleeson's party friday"
Me "nah i don't think so"
Paul "Why not, its gonna be great"
Me "i'm scared of Strippers"
The Stripper that got away

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Loose lips, Sink ships

Thats right folks you heard it here, and i'm not talking about lips below your waste so no strange comments or emails please. The story behind the title is simple, basically i was witholding information from a couple of people, then burted out the person in questions name about 5 minutes after the convo, completely by accident.
I've seen alot of cool website designs in recent weeks and i gotta say that there are some real tech artistsgeeks out there. Take alook at this site for some examples of what i'm talking about simply amazing work, i'm goodor at least i like to think so but these guys keep the net in context.
Here's an example of "CSS" coding at its most creative.
Anyways away from my geek off my baby is coming soon(no, me and clare didn't get it on), i'll explain more next week with pictures of my glee and happyness etc. Oh and since i mentioned her name out in the open heres my 2 centsheart emptying experience on that topic. I'm an idiot, who spent to much time trying to be perfect and screwed up a perfectly good friendship up as a result of my Genius. That felt good. Where was i, yeah i think i might adopt this every otherday blogging thing over the summer works better when i spend extended periods by my self(once again no funny stuff). Anyways i'll see you lovely school folk on monday, don't worry about me i got dreamweaver to keep me company.

Quote of the Day
Josh "You wanna play a few games?"
Me "Not really i was gonna read an article"
Josh "Well Carl beat me like 10-1, and i need someone to batter"
Me "Ok, since your on a downer i'll just complete the rout"

Competitive to the very end My love affair with PES 4 Continues(I won 4 games out of 6!)