Friday, December 23, 2011

Dinner Dairy - Tom Yum Kung

Today's exciting dish was Tom Yum Kung Soup. I think the term "Totally awesome" is particularly apt here. It reminded me a lot of traditional Jamaican Soup, not so much in how it tasted, but more the technique where you are just throwing crap in there purely for taste. 

It had huge chunks of ginger, lemon grass, spring onions, parsley, bay leaves, onions, mushrooms ... did i mention it was awesome.  Anyways this set me back 100 Baht, which in Queens currency is just over £2. "Expensive", but it was awesome and should hopefully end my current trend of 3 meals a day.

Tom Yum Kung

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dinner Dairy - Pad see iew

This is Pad See iew. Apparently there are a number of different romanizations of this dish. Consists of noodles, spring onions, eggs, carrots, garlic and pork. It's also available with Chicken, but i went for the pork. It came in at the mouth watering price of 60 Baht, approximately £1.20.
Pad see iew

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dinner Dairy - Mee Goreng Ayam

Mee Goreng Ayam, essentially fried noodles with chicken. Unlike chinese fried noodles, the chicken isn't sliced, but instead hidden underneath the noodles, it's almost like a Malaysian surprise.

Mee Goreng Ayam

Dinner Dairy - Murtabak Ayam

Murtabak Ayam - Like the previous Murtabak, this is essentially Roti Cenai stuffed with meat. In this case it's Ayam or Chicken. Grand total of RM5.50 ( £1.10p ).

Murtabak Ayam

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dinner Dairy - Nasi Goreng Nelayan & Cendol

First dinner in Langkawi we had Nasi Goreng Nelayan & Cendol. By now i think everyone knows about Nasi Goreng, so nothing to new there. However Cendol was a new experience. It's Jelly Noodles and sweetcorn in sweetened Coconut milk. The Coconut milk was awesome, but i wasn't too keen on the noodles. The Nasi Goreng came in at a whopping RM12 (£2.50), while the Cendol was RM4 (£0.80)
Nasi Goreng Nelayan

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Dinner diary - Nasi Goreng

Well this was actually breakfast. Nasi goreng. Basically its Fried rice for RM4 about 80p

Monday, December 05, 2011

Dinner Diary - Murtabak

Murtabak - minced mutton with garlic, egg and onion with a series of curry sauces. This cost a whopping RM5, approximately £1.

Dinner Diary - Roti Cenai Telur

Roti Cenai Telur  and Iced Milo - Essentially Roti with egg inside served with a series of curry sauces. The lced Milo is the brown drink to the left of the plate. It is basically a cocoa power that you can find in Jamaica. It's made hot, and then has ice put in it. It's fairly awesome. Whats more awesome is that this entire meal cost about RM4, thats 80 pence.

I Took a Picture [Perth Edition]

The Indian Ocean [HDR], Perth, WA, Australia

Dinner dairy - BBQ pork Noodle

So I literary just decided to start blogging the food I eat. Today I went to a place in KL's Chinatown.

It's basically fried noodles in a crap ton of soy sauce with Garlic and little bit of BBQ pork. It's the 2nd time I'm having it, unfortunately it's not as good this sitting as when I had it last week. This was slightly more expensive than my normal meal, coming in at RM10.20, just over £2. Sadly i've forgotten the characters, and cantonese romanization.