Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Official Astley Cooper School 6th Form Class of 2005 Reunion

June 30th, 2006
at the Society bar
from 7.30 onwards

All attendees will be posted here

  • Jonathan

  • Mark

  • Dan

  • Bignall

  • Phil

as of 26th of June

See ya there

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Productive Evening

Well it looks like my time isn't all following down the Rhine.

This evening i've done a major (comparitively) overhaul on Hold on, my first app. Using functions and modules and such to clean up the code. I've also learned how to use some cool javascript objects which the lovely folks, at DSGi will be able to benefit from.

For the rest of this week, i'm pretty much on my own at work, my senior colleague Tim, has flown south, well south east actually for his holiday. While Steve, is on holiday further south than tim. Cryptic aren't i...

Anyways i should post up the latest hold version in a few days. And a few design tweaks to this wonderful blog, till then laterz.

Quote of the Day
Weed Smoker "You ever heard of a tulip?"
Me "Yeah, if your refering to the flower, but beyond that."

Do they ever stop with the new drug names?

These days

You may remember there was time where i had something new, and rarely ever funny every day. Well it all seems to have changed, well almost.

hopefully those days will return, especially as i consider myself a good writer, and somewhat funny to boot.

Must dash

Quote of the day
"Children in europe get grapes for christmas, children in africa get gun"

The harsh truth of our world as seen on yet another great documentary from the BBC

Friday, June 09, 2006

It's here

The new RSS is here

A months work in CSS alone!, but it looks ok, a few kinks to be worked out, so come use, and enjoy. I've tried to keep script to a minimum, and if you have firefox you get some special features.

I've also added my CV to the page, so you can read all about me, i'll try and keep that updated.

The page is pure xhtml, i've labeled it transitional but it could have been strict. I haven't validated yet, but we'll have to see.

In other news the big reunion is happening either this week, or next week, i would buy a k800 if i could, to get some nice pics for the blog, but i think the semi vga cam will have to do.

So come and be a part of the group.

Until the next update

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Index of 300 Full Length TV Shows on YouTube

(A follow up to my Cartoon Index.) There�s no garbage clips to weed through, just 300 full length episodes organized alphabetically: Doctor Who, Get Smart, Lost, Quantum Leap, Seinfeld, The Screen Savers, The Wonder Years, and more.

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Index of 500 Full Length Cartoons on YouTube

There�s no garbage clips to weed through, just 500 full length cartoons organized alphabetically: Futurama, JLU, Thundercats, The Snorks, Super Mario, Transformers, X-Men, and more.

They got my favourite too, Swat Cats/Kats

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