Friday, September 30, 2005

Google me (again)

How it's going. After getting an hour and half of sleep yesterday morning, I went to lessons. I felt like crap, I then proceeded back to my room and slept for about 10 hours. I feel much better now. I plan to go out tonight, gonna wait to see what everyone else is getting down too, and then decide. Where ever we go we get about 10 + flyers from various clubs and bars inviting us to come and drop our cash at their establishment, with the promise of cheap drinks and "Good" music. So finding a night spot shouldn't be too hard.
If other news, when you google my name, guess which wonderfully coded website turns up at the top of the list, that's right people me. This is good and bad. Good cause as long as you spell my surname you can find me on the net. It's bad cause I can't say random crap about people cause all they have do is know my name. Oh well it should keep me in line, and make sure I don't do any drunk posts after rejecting some "chick", not that ever happens...
The freshers ball is on Monday and I've been told by my new friend John Legend(he looks like the artist, really) that Roll deep will be there, so I'll be making my way to "the avenue".
Weather down here is pants, overcast, and depressing, but I got the COD2 demo so I think I'll manage, I miss doing Head shots in COD on line but oh well.
Also one of my old friends from Stanley Tech(my school before ACS) David, who is somewhat of a genius(He single handedly moved our school up though the rankings over a couple of years), is moving down here, to go the studious uni, he should be coming on Sunday, so I'm looking forward to that, I haven't seen him in almost 3 years. So it should provide us with an interest list of catch up topics.
Lastly for all you fools visitors still using that spyware magnet otherwise known as Internet explorer, I'm gonna attempt to fix the page so the content actually lines up with the sidebar instead of at the bottom of the page. To think I almost did as a Job, thanks Microsoft.

Oh Trudi, stop reading now...
Phil you should have moved to halls, you're gonna miss out on a whole lot of parting(not that i condone the practice) by traving back and forth. Either way remember "you've got the magic stick", lol don't worry trudi i'm kidding about the last bit, but seriously i did tell you to stop.

Quote of the Day
"I'll get some {Insert Class C Drug of choice here} and some{Insert Class B Drug of choice here} and if you like it we'll make a deal, if you don't, we'll just smoke it all."

A certain "herb" widely known to most teens, seems to be especially popular around here

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I haven't slept in 21 hours

Morning people. The title speaks the truth, I haven't slept since about 9 am on September 28th. It's now 6.48am on September 29th. To say that university is a massive party is an understatement, This place is crazy. I got a lecture at 10 am so I have to stay awake for that, people that have done this kinda thing will understand why it's important not to go to sleep.
Today I applied for a couple job's, then went off to help Ashley get a bike, with our other new friend Marvin. After that we went and met Will and "Charlie"(I've been told that's not his real name but it's his nick name, I'll let you do the guess work.)Will has a PS2 and Pro Evo 4, so me and him should get along. After that we decided to go and watch the Champions League match, Chelsea vs Liverpool, when the abuse had ceased we headed to "Ikon" where we got rejected because we didn't a have a student card, which we haven't even been issued with yet. Oh I forgot to mention that its was raining, so we got a taxi back to our hall. After arriving there we got upstairs to find that almost everyone was out. After going to a crap party on the 5th floor I finally settled on a nice one on the ground floor. Marvin and Ashley, were "into" this girl called Chloe. She's ok, she's from basingstoke, nice person overall. Anyways we whittled away the time chatting crap, as we do. I got labeled Bernie Mac, cause everything I say is a joke, I was also accused of getting high of plain digestives; long story. Anyways we stayed with Chloe till about 6 and then decided to split, its been pretty mad. So I'm gonna try and roll with no sleep till this afternoon, lot's of coffee and crap, wish me luck, I don't want to snore in my lectures.

Till the next time, peace out...Sleep in

Quote of the Day
If you sleep now, your screwed

The facts of what happens when you don't go to sleep

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nothing like Clean Codin'

Like it, if you can't see what I'm talking about, hit refresh. Do you like it now. Welcome to the fresh version of Russian Space Station. I wrote the code in it's entirety last night so if it's mess I'm sorry, but get firefox. I went for something that's easier to read to and shows off my l33t skills. So I hope you like. Thanks goes to a random site I found using google for the lovely photo of Mir the only original Russian Space Station.

Anyways on Monday I got in at 3am after going clubbing @ the Bambuubar, so I took it easy yesterday and had a night in. It was pretty wild and I have to say I enjoyed myself. I went with the londoners from the "7th" Ashley and Billy.
Today is relatively free, I'm not up to much so I'm gonna go Job hunting soon. Gotta make some cash if I wanna eat, That reminds me I need to eat breakfast I'm starving.

An old mate of mine from Secondary school, David contacted me yesterday to tell me that he's coming down here to go to the uni (Well Southampton University at least, there are two you know, Mine and this one). David was a little bit of genius, he's doing aeronautical engineering, which is what I wanted to do, till I discovered it involved heft sums, and as we all know Jon hates math. I think he also got around 300 points which means that he officially wins the "Who's smarter" contest. Clever guy, haven't seen him in years so it will be nice to catch up.

The legendary "Shoot up Hill" in central London. Apt, don't you think, but I wouldn't like to live there imagine putting that on your letters...

123 Shoot up Hill

Sounds like a Drug dealer called Brent, who's representing the NW2 Crew.

Ashley just popped in, we're heading down to the Job center at 1:30 so wish me luck as I try to turn a wage, till another post catch ya later.

Quote of the Day
When we all signed up, we all ticked that box that said "Do you mild living with the opposite sex" right, so what the hell happened.

The moment when we tried to work out why 10 boys got stuck together on the 7th floor

Monday, September 26, 2005

Party People

Morning folks, ok it's official I'm in the party block. My room, 730, is the last room in the entire block. The seventh floor is "reserved" for all the folks who applied late. It's 10 Lad's who like a party. We went out on the town last night, pissed as the usual students is, I didn't have as much as the rest of the 7's, however what really messed me up was a lazy decision to buy a burger from the local kebab shop. My stomach has since turned into a hurricane, I really feel like crap, been sick too all over a pair of jeans which got bin'd as a result, and yes I'm sure it was the burger.

In other news my block has the official Lucia foster Welch party floor, floor 5. They had a party for two nights in a row. Tonight the world famous Tim Westwood is coming to town, at a club we visited but didn't actually go in, cause we thought it was gonna be expensive, Walkabout.

Apart from the miniature storm in my stomach I've been good it's all home cooking for me from now, well almost. It's been a blast so far, I've even had a degree of success
with the opposite sex, yes Jon isn't gay, amazing. I wasn't really interested though especially as she's in my law class which begins in just over a hour.

Last night I went to bed at 3am Uni life has began, we/I don't know what we are gonna do tonight but I might go see Westwood, outside the club, sample the atmosphere, and then make my way out and back here. But the way I feel I might just stay here.

Here's where all the people in my hall are from
  • Cornwall x 1
  • London x2
  • Oxford x2
  • Manchester x1
  • Leeds x1

Right about 6 hours have passed sinced I finished the above paragraph. So I'm back after my induction day, we went to the library and stuff. As for tonight I plan to go with Ashley(Ash is from London) to go see Tottenham Vs Fulham, however I think he wants to go see Westwood, mainly to try and pick up chicks, that's what uni students do pick up chicks, seems easy enough.

Well I feel a little better now on the stomach front. Damien is gonna cook us dinner so I'm all for that especially as I was only gonna make crap(Beans and toast). Till tomorrow take care
Quote of the Day
ME"Hey, she said she likes your boots, that's a metaphor you know
"Your Sick"
Me "she said she liked them"

Ah, the lad's of the seventh floor.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sunny Southampton

Howdy people from Sunny Southampton. I'm now on my own in my "lovely" room, it's a little on the small side but hey it's got nice view. I'm on the seventh floor aka the top one, it's good exercise but really wearing on your legs. I haven't met anyone really yet. It's not like I imagined, each floor is separated into groups of ten rooms, on my floor there are three groups. Only students who reside inside each section have access to that section. Each section has a kitchen, three toilets and three showers. We have a electionic key "fob" that gets us into the building, and our section, and a physical key for our actual rooms.
There's a whole big book about all the rules and stuff for living in halls, but according to a fairly reliable source we can do pretty much anything we like, including drugs, wild sex games, and parties, as long as we don't play music too loud or have fights, I think I'll be ok.
As for the net access, it's pretty fast but unfortunately no gaming for me. All ports are blocked apart from HTTP, FTP POP and a few other things. Now I didn't carry a TV cause I would of had to get a TV license, and we all know I'm a cheap skate, so that was never gonna happen. I might buy a PC TV card and hide it when the nice folk from TV licensing come round, but there's a TV in the kitchen and I got Digg so I'll be cool.

The town it's self is quite nice, my mum took me to this Chinese restaurant, across the street from where I'm living which was the nicest one I think I've ever been too. I can see St. Mary's Stadium from where I'm staying if I go to the end of the hall. It's to the right of where my window looks. In fact there's a ferrari 575 parked in the car park down there! The cranes you can see are the actual port of Southampton.
On a sligthly sad not I just thought about my Grandfather who always said he wanted to see me make something of myself, and reach all the lofty goals that I used to set for myself, sadly he's not alive to see me go to University, makes you wanna ensure that you enjoy every last waking moment that you have on earth.
On a final note, Jon's got a Job, sort of. I now a reviewer and writer for Sudhian Media. It's a long story how I got the job, but I'm currently working on my first piece and hopefully it will be well accepted. Check out there site, there pretty jazz'd to have me writing for them, I'm happy to work so it should work well.

Oh and now that I'm around people again expect quote of the day to make a big time come back, which should be nice. The countdown to graduation should really go up now

South coast is Out!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Quick update

I won't be posting much this week as i have to put everything in place for my trip down to the southcoast.(Not that i've posted that much anyway). I should pop into school tomorrow to "sign off" before i head out good and proper. When i do actually get gone, i use that thing people call MSN, so you guys can find out whether southampton is hot or not. Beyond that this is pretty much it, till saturday afternoon(or prehaps sunday morning). when i'll dump a mega post on whats happening. I'll started packing my assorted crap up, i might put a few things on offer for free, eg. a pair of hifi stereo speakers(don't ask), a broken playstation 2 etc.
Well until another time check ya later

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I've done it!!

Ok folks after almost 10 hours of pain, i finally did it.

The pictures a little blured but hey i'm running an underground OS, who cares. I would explain the lengths that i had to go to actually pull this off but it wasn't nice and it has actually taken me almost 5 hours to do, but man is nice, just in case anyone thinks it's fake...

So this makes me a L33T underground hacker right? No not quite, but i did go wardriving and found about 600 wifi networks in central london. Anyways as this isn't a technology blog i'll back away from it now :(
10 Days left... I got most things sorted, bar a place to live, nothing like living on the edge. Otherwise i'm good Got my new HDD(couldn't resist) Well i'm gonna go play with OSX cya all later.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sooo Tired

Well i'm back from Jason's Party/pub crawl. It was pretty wild, but i certainly had fun. The only reason i'm still up is cause i just ate.
Anyway's my lovely copy of OSX86 is almost here, 98% i can almost taste the aqua... Anyhow i was considering trying out the Vista beta too while i'm try out beta's.
After visting 4 pubs and opting out of "Lava" i walked home, my legs are still aching, and i really want to sleep but i feel to full to go to bed just yet, it's gonna be fun tomorrow cause i gotta go to church at like about 8.
Well i feel sleeply now so i'll post again tomorrow

Quote of the Day
You watch one day i'll catch ya

The bouncer at the Hogg's Head refering to Jason non-existant crack habit.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Dead blog

I'm gonna try and beathe some life into my dead blog, mainly by posting. I went to into school today to see the folks, it was nice to see everyone again, been really boring here at home by myself. I might actually go on msn! Anyways, it was strange being in the common room knowing that I had no real purpose to actually be there. But one thing that has struck me was ... The reaction of a certain "person". When she saw me she look like the big orange guy from the tango ad's had slapped her in the face and ran off. Plus she behaved like she scared of me like I was gonna do something crazy any minute. I'm not sure why she was acting like that, I certainly wasn't planning on jumping on her and licking her face like a kitten on speed. Talking about Kitten's Jade's got a really cute one(kitten that is!), it's got nice eyes and is real friendly, pity it would eventually kill me.

Anyway I got a little present on Tuesday, which has partially been why I haven't been around...

Dreamy...Before you start getting jealous, the Laptop's aren't mine :(. My mum good a new one(one on the right) to replace her old one which is slow, and has a cracked lid and can't close, anyway it's going on ebay later today, I'll miss it sorta, done so much to it to keep it running, but at least I won't get moaned at when stuff goes south, a relief after 4 years.

While I'm on hardware I'm in the process of downloading OSX86, the x86 version of Apple's OS X, to test out on the new laptop. After two days of continuous downloading it's only at 13% of the total 1.28GB. I estimate another week should do it. Plus I'm finally gonna get Blu-ray sorted, I've ordered a 160GB Western Digital HDD with I'm in love with before I've even got it. Doesn't come till next week so I'll have to live with 2GB of free space till then.(In case your wondering the OSX is coming down onto a different PC).

Anyway if my "l33t" idea works, concerning OSX86 I'll post up a screen shot, and maybe even a video... Anyways it's only two weeks now till I jet off. I was thinking of having a little leaving get together if your interested post in the comments.

As for Mr. Kanye, I plan to make the line "George Bush doesn't care about Black people" my ringtone, should make a good conversation starter on the southcoast, Holla... Also the person who commented on Mr. West's quote, thank you for being reasonable in your comment however I tend to agree with Kanye, and it's not cause we'll "brothers" however I believe the situation in "Nawins" is a result of underfunding(defenses), ignorance(People and authorities), Iraq(national guard), and a pinch of good ol' fashioned racism. People who know me know I'm not Malcom X half the time, but when something isn't right, it isn't right -{End rant.}

Well till another time take care folks, keep safe and in the words of jerry "Take care of yourselves, and each other"

Quote of the Day
Westwood "Your skater game is strong, but your car game is weak"

Someone please tell me where in the/what planet does this man come from? And why does he talk like he's "Mad crazy", Holla bak yo

Monday, September 05, 2005


I had spent about an hour writting up a post, and i guess some things happen for a reason, i closed my browser, kissing the motherload good bye.

So here's a replacement post :) the countdown continues, to my friends still in school i should show my face there later this week.

Quote of the Year
"George Bush doesn't care about Black people

Kanye west, rep-ing for the black folk in New orleans

Saturday, September 03, 2005

In central New Orleans, a Web firm pushes on

Employees of New Orleans-based Web firm, Intercosmos Media Group Inc., have chosen to stay with their servers, located in a 27-story skyscraper. They're goal is to keep the servers, which house some 800,000 Web sites, up and running.

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