Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jon's gone legal(sort of)

Evening, coming at ya from the T|X, and my dining room.
Some of you may know i refuse to pirate music Unless you dump it on my pc. As a result my collection is a little bit on the cheap sideold side. Don't get me wrong 11+ GB of music is sweet, but it's not all that fantastic.
Enter All of Mp3. Although its legality is questioned almost as much as much as my sexuality once was, it is the only place to get charted popular Non-DRM'd music at high qualities. Plus the prices are ridiculously cheap. I bought 2 Albums for $3! both Mos Def.

Check it out you pirates

Incase you wondered,wyes i still torrent tv shows, but very very rarely movies. Hopefully a legal-ish solution cometh.

Now if you excuse me i got apply for my student loan, again.

Quote of the Day
Steve "You wanna watch it on my Powerbook?"
Me "Umm, Yes you never have to ask me to play with a powerbook"

I love those things, now if only there was a l2"...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blast from the past

Some may remember I'm packing 0.4 TB of storage in the Blu-ray. Well most of that is filled with copies of various things. While browsing through it I found the following gem. It dates back to my "I'm gonna be a rapper phase" which lasted a little while. I still have the 3 tracks I recorded cleverly hidden in my music folder, if you ask nicely I may trade for stamps, and milk. Any way here it is, it's a parody of the So solid crew song, 21 Seconds, entitled Party Political Broadcast. So without further ado...

Party Political Broadcast by Jonathan Dalrymple

Ha, ha, ha who ya voting for?

Lord Jeffery Archer:-
Megacon up first
21 years, no sh*t
I ain't got no time to campaign now
Hold this, yo g
Go by in a blacked out prison v
Archer can get two convictions easy
Seen my book in stores, other prisoners wanna jack me, stab me
Say come step to me,
That was the last thing that I saw, switch
I said mpÂ’s wanna see nigga, get rich
But niggas don't really want see MpÂ’s get rich
so niggas wanna see mp, get bitched
But mps don't really wanna be ditched

Charles Kennedy:-
C KÂ’s never fading
Second in term In office, sing while i'm bathin
L -D to the K's never phasing
I wanna tell my enemies that weÂ’re racing
So Lib dems, weÂ’reamazing
In a few g's we're bound to be over taken
Addicted to this life that I wanna be tasting
You blame me for the time thatÂ’s the parties been wasting?
Your hating, constituents, there's money to be making
Actor Mp never statin
Smokin weed as if I was Jamaican
So when you lookin at us you start hating
You need to be reinstating

Michael Howard:-
Thug of the tory, who could I be?
M wit the I to the C that's me
Thug of the tory, who could I be?
M wit the I to the C that's me
M-I-C still thuggin
Wanna shoot tony blair while hes clubbin
Ladies come around and leave cause IÂ’m buggin
Make g's like if Iwas robbin
tory haters they are
Watching an they're plottin an they're watchin my views
Watching an they're plottin an they're watchin my chews
Watching an they're plottin an they're waiting for my cues
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop


John Snow?:-
I got 21 seconds to flow,
I got 21 programs to go,
Cause f yo like me let me know
Let me in the bbc studio
N give me 21 months before I got to go
Did you see me on the news, oh no
Did you see me on the news, oh no
So if you like me let me know
Let me in the itv studio
I got 21 broadcasts before I got to go
Did you see me on the news, oh no
Did you see me on the news, oh no
So if you like me let me know
Let me in the channel 5 studio
I got 21 broadcasts before I got to go

21 viewings, t-t-t
21 occassions, t-t-t
21 programs, t-t-t
21 times, t-t-t

*David blunketts mistress?:-
you got 21 seconds to pass the mic
I got 15 seconds to say what I got to say
i won't hesitate
DavidÂ’s not here to stay
We're gonna take it top
Cause I, a-a-a-a, twenty
Cause I, a-a-a-a, twenty
Cause I, only got 15 seconds fame to go

Gordon Brown:-
Some a them slippin a
Some a them a grudge me a
such a solid chancellora
Seen me on the telly a
Face getting popular
Ha, what?
Someone chatin crapin a
No disrespect tory policies are crapin a
Raise up the case
Worship the blairs
Red is my best colour
So labour, we are all players, instigators
Gimmie a rumour an make it famous
I send it back to you, and still get in the papers
21 months to sign papers

Kilroy Slik:-
Who wants to set your mind free
Cause I got the key
Turm em off an all my plan ukip can set you free
Trendsetter change like the weather her
21 secs, UkipÂ’s still better
I,you,don't know
You,you,don't know
So I had to have a show
An if you don't know please lemme know
Please lemme know
The papers had to snitch
Sad buggers had to go to the feds to get rich
I got spilt on my back
An insert the bit
An get paid all day long


Tony Blair:-
Every war I start
Every bribe I take
Every union I make
Every single mistake
Every promise I break
There's always a snake
Wanna get in no. 10, way
Through the tunnel
After 21 months and IÂ’m still in trouble
Iraq needs to reform on the double
Wanna double my cash
Wanna double my term
After 21 months, my moneyÂ’s still gonna flow
An if you step on my toe
Is Labour still gonna grow
When there on a high
When there on a low
Whether I'm on a rave
Or sheriÂ’s on a roll
sex it up

John Prescott:-
big up the waist line
I got 21 inches inside leg this time
First of all I'm gonna big up the kitchen ladies
chopping slender an fine
Mmmmmmm, mine
Don't gimmie no deadline
Gimmie some more time
Gimmie 29, months to lose this weight
Other Mp's wait in line
Talk to all the brighton fans,
I got 29 years till my diets done
2 multiplied by 14, plus 1
PrescottÂ’s done.

Comment as you like

Quote of the Day
nameless :"I wanna be Genesis"
Me "Genesis isn't a character in the bible"
nameless :"Well i wanna be Hebrews then"
Me "How about your Void instead, better yet how about you be Darkness"
nameless "There not in the bible!"
Me "ever read Genesis Chapter 1 verse 2, you know, the first page"

Walk before you can run....

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Genesis 1:2

Monday, April 17, 2006

Funny Way to Park a Plane.

"A Varig airlines cargo plane from Brazil sits parked at the Mexico City airport with its nose up in the air after the cargo was unevenly distributed on Wednesday April 12, 2006." - Yahoo Photo.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

12 30-inch flatscreens mounted!

When friend of QJ.NET "Crazy Jon" called us and told us about a project this project, we didn't believe it. Then we got to his house, sure enough -- twelve 30-inch Dell flatscreen monitors are sitting in his office, and he's grinning from ear to ear. Also among the pile of goodies are six NVidia GeForce 7900 GTX 512mb video cards!

And phil thought his setup was sweet

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Good things come to those who work

In the last couple of days it's been like christmas, I got my precious Abit AN7 and overclocked to 200mhz nivarna, A palm wireless keyboard, to go with my T|X. I'm actually typing this post on it. It's a full size keyboard that folds up into a little package about the size of your hand. Very cool, and not too bad.
I've just finished ordering a new 250GB hard drive for my PC, and i've got my next computer all lined up already.

Something tells me that i just might be a geek, who fails to live up to his need to blog post, and lusts after highend mac's and sony ericsson phones.
Apart from that latest shopping wave all is pretty much average in my life, nothing really amazing, and nothing terribly bad niether. If i'm honest thats how i like it to be, plain...

Quote of the Day
I know i need to tell you something, but i can't remember what.

My memory is the best

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Google Earth April Fools Joke

The folks at Google Earth have added some "visitors" as an April Fools Joke. Check it out before they decide to leave...

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