Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trends in iPhone app design

I spend so much time developing iPhone apps that I rarely get time to
appreciate design changes in other developers app. However due to my
recent brush with RSI I suddenly have some more time. So here is list
of my favourites.

Finanical times
I love the fade transition that they use when you change the device
orientation. I mean really love it. And from a development point of
view it has a couple of major wins. Namely that unlike the standard
rotation animation, you have a nice delay between the switching of the
views. Ideal if you want to load some Additional content or an
additional view. Granted you would have to do this quickly as you
don't want you user staring at a blank screen while you parse so e XML
or execute a network operation.

Also I assume it's just a case if Animating the properties of the ui
to change the super view opacity to get the desired effect.

Yahoo finance
Loving the charts btw. The Apple UIG generally tells devs to stay away
from displaying multiple types of content. However this app does a
nice job of making it work. This design should also scale nicely to
the iPad.

I have a fetish for finance apps not only because of my forays into
the markets, but unlike most apps they need to deliver a lot content/
information to their users.

The other neat thing about this app is that it give the user control
over the size of the widgets that are display for each security. You
can also swap the arranged ment of the items. Now I guessing this is a
hell of a lot of interface code. On top of the code they are using to
generate the graphs. But awesome ui.

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